Thanks to a motivating link party, today I’m finally sharing how to DIY coordinating mason jar lids. I actually did this project over the Winter and have had the photos living in limbo on my phone every since! This is an easy project that solves a problem many people can relate to. Anyone who has an old dog knows how prescription and supplement bottles can pile up on the kitchen counter! Lola has three or four prescription bottles, plus Connectin powder, Lucy takes her own special bladder strength supplement, and they both take fish oil capsules with dinner every day. That’s a lot of stuff piling up on my small kitchen counter!

DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids

I started decanting Connectin into a smaller jar a while ago because I buy it in bulk on Amazon. I also buy a huge bottle of the fish oil capsules and those ended up getting put into a smaller jar to keep on the counter. All these different jars were a step up from the factory packaging, but every jar had such a different lid! They were all recycled, not bought new, so some had honey or jam labels on the lids.

So, one cold Winter night I decided to fix that! I pulled out some craft paper I had, good old Elmer’s glue, an old paintbrush and a pen to recover the lids. It’s nice if you can find a craft paper pack with several different patterns that coordinate. The jars will never be uniform, so I like to just go with that and keep the lid coverings different, but coordinated.

DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids  DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids  DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids

There were two different techniques for the lids, depending on what kind of style the lid was. Above, you can see how I covered the 1-piece lids. I made the craft paper cutout larger the the top of the lid, then cut slits all the way around so I could fold the paper down and under the lip. Do a coat of Elmer’s glue (or ModPodge) over the entire layered paper edge after it’s all been folded.

The other (and might I add, easier) technique is for a 2 piece lid, see below. Lucky for you, this style is more common on traditional mason jars. For this all you need to do is cut out a circle of craft paper the same size as the top of the lid, glue it to the flat part then replace the metal ring. I added some more glue to attach the flat part to the ring, but this is optional. I would say if you use the jar all the time, use the glue, but if you only open it occasionally, you could skip that step.

DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids  DIY Coordinating Mason Jar Lids

Did they turn out so cute? I have pink and turquoise accents in my kitchen and living room, so these go so well with the rest of my decor. Want to see my full kitchen? Here’s a lot of transformation photos, and a few more before/in progress photos here. We’ve come a long way, baby!

I’m linking up with the Get Your DIY On link up hosted by The Happy Housie and others. This month’s theme is colorful projects, so I thought this DIY fit in perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!