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Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

My dream has always been to wake up each morning and spend the day with my dog. Through this blog I have found a way to make my dream a reality! There are tons of dog moms out there just like me – stylish, creative girl bosses who want to be around their dogs as much as possible. Would you love to work alongside your pup every day, too?

This podcast will introduce you to cool, creative women who are making it work with their dogs!

There are women all over the country who are inspired by the joy, fun and pure love that their dogs bring to their lives. These women have named their companies after their pups, created products to help them, and even raised money to help other pets in need. If working alongside your dog is your dream, then you will love their stories!

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I have an amazing line up of guests for the first season! I’m going to be asking questions like how did they take the leap from a “standard” job to a job that embraced being a crazy dog lady? I want to know their favorite place they have even been with their dog. I want to know what they like to listen to on a good, long dog walk.  Is it music, a podcast, their sister on the phone, or just the sounds of nature?

I know a lot of women who are inspired by their dogs are also passionate about giving back to dog related causes. So, we’ll also be talking about amazing non-profits that are improving dogs’ and their humans’ lives all around the world.

Since juggling the demands of work and dog can be ruff, I’m also asking these women about their best productivity tips so we can do the work and get outside with our dogs!


Podcast for Creative Women Making it Work with their Dogs

Do you know someone who would be a great guest on my podcast?

Dog moms gotta stick together! Email me all about this cool, creative woman (maybe it’s you!). I record podcast interviews over Skype, so I can talk to women anywhere in the world.

Send your info to tori [at] wearwagrepeat [dot] com with “Another Dog Mom For Your Podcast!” in the subject line.


I recently interviewed Heather Wallace of BridleandBone.com about how she turned her passion for dogs and horses into a blog.

Find out when the first episode is released!

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