3 Halloween Recipes for the West Paw Toppl Dog Toy

One of my favorite dog toys is the West Paw Toppl because it’s so diverse! We can stuff it with wet or dry food, use it as a puzzle and freeze it. This Halloween I created a few spooky Toppl recipes for my dogs. I love Halloween and I love making creative enrichment toy recipes! Although these Toppls look a little scary, they got 4 paws up from my dogs Burt and Lucy!

I like to use a variety of healthy ingredients when I stuff Kongs, Toppls or other stuffable treat toys for the dogs. This helps to add nutritional diversity to my dog’s diet which is proven to help prevent allergies from developing and provides them with a healthy mix of nutrients.

If you’d like some more basic Toppl recipes to get started, check out this blog post. You can also adapt any of my Kong stuffing recipes to a Toppl!

This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend items I believe in and often already purchased myself. I appreciate your support by shopping with my links!

west paw toppl tuesday recipes

Stuffing Base For Every West Paw Toppl Recipe

For all the recipes in this post, I start by filling our large West Paw Toppl with a Stella & Chewy’s base filling. Since the large Toppl holds a lot of filling, I like to use something that I know is healthy and won’t upset my dog’s stomach. Using their regular food is a great way to do that! I take a few extra steps to make their food work as a Toppl filling.

Stella & Chewy’s Base Filling

  • In a medium container or bowl (I use a quart-sized plastic container with a lid), combine a heaping cup of Raw Coated Kibble with 2-3 crumbled Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties and a handful of Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts.
  • Add warm water and let sit for a few hours.
  • Periodically stir or mash the mixture to help the water get absorbed.

This mushy base mixture will stuff 2 Toppls and 4 Kongs that I freeze and use throughout the week. For West Paw Toppls, I usually freeze the base filling first, then add the decorative toppings and freeze again. This way I can get super creative with the toppings without getting mixed with the food base. You certainly don’t have to do this, but if you like making canine enrichment art like I do, give it a try.

cruella devil west paw recipe

Cruella De Vil Toppl Recipe

I made this creative Toppl especially for my dog Lucy since she is Cruella DeVil for Halloween this year. Lucy and her costume were featured in a promotional video for Disney’s Cruella movie! You can watch the video that features Lucy and any of our fur friends on @DisneyCruella Instagram and Facebook.

Cruella De Vil Toppl Topper Recipe:

  • To make this Toppl fitting for Cruella, add the base filling to your Toppl and freeze
  • Once the base filling is frozen, top with plain greek yogurt
  • Spelled out Cruella’s wicked surname “De Vil” with bright red strawberry and coconut oil letters
  • Add dog-themed homemade biscuits (I used the leftover dough from our severed finger treats for this!)

This is the silicone mold I use for letters. I absolutely love using these for the dog’s enrichment toys. It’s totally unnecessary, but it makes me smile! I find that using a yogurt base for the letters makes them melt too quickly to work with. For these bright red letters, I mashed up a strawberry and added a teaspoon of coconut oil. They were very easy to work with!

halloween west paw toppl ideas



Cursed Halloween Toppl Recipe

I might have had too much fun with my letter and number silicone molds for these Halloween Toppls! This creative Toppl recipe starts with the same Stella & Chewy’s base filling, then I got creative with a bone broth finger, “blood” drips and a creepy black 666! Burt the beast was eager to chomp on this!

Cursed Halloween Toppl Topper Recipe:

  • Start with adding the base filling to your Toppl and freeze
  • While that is freezing, pour bone broth into a severed finger mold (you could also use these mini skulls)
  • Once the base is frozen, top with plain greek yogurt. Use a spoon or mini spatula to add “drips”
  • On top of the plain yogurt, use mashed strawberry (2 strawberries is plenty!) for the “blood drips”
  • Add your frozen bone broth finger (optional: add leftover strawberry for fake blood)
  • Spell out 666 using goat milk kefir with a pinch of activated charcoal

A tiny bit of activated charcoal is safe for your dog. And according to the new book The Forever Dog, activated charcoal can help a dog with diarrhea. Since this recipe contains less than 1 tablet, it shouldn’t affect your dog much other than a very gentle detox.

what can I stuff in a west paw toppl toy

Boo! Beast Toppl Recipe

This recipe is for more adventurous dogs (and pet parents!). I used a naturally dried hair on ear chew. What makes it perfect for Halloween is that the ear still has its wiry black hair attached! This is not for the faint of heart!

Once I got going with my silicone letter mold, I wanted to use it for everything. For this Spooky Toppl, I made a cute BOO to balance out the creepy ear!

Boo! Beast Toppl Topper Recipe

  • Again, start with the base filling in your large Toppl
  • This time, add the hair on ear chew before freezing the base so it’s anchored in there
  • Once frozen, top with green bean baby food (the label should list green beans as the only ingredient) and plain greek yogurt
  • Spell out BOO with silicone letters made with goat milk kefir and a pinch of activated charcoal

This boar ear is a pretty big chew, so I recommend it to dogs who have experience with larger dried chews like this. With bigger chews like this, I like to get them anchored inside of the Toppl so my dogs have to take their time chomping away at it. As always, you can adjust this recipe to fit your dog’s size and chewing skills.

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how to stuff a west paw toppl

More Ways to Use a West Paw Toppl Toy

Did you know there are so many ways to use a West Paw Toppl? I love to stuff it with the top open, freeze, and create these artistic designs. But you can also use it as a slow feeder puzzle with dry kibble, as a bully stick holder, and even as an instant slow feeder bowl by placing it in your dog’s dinner bowl.

Get the details and how-to for all of those ideas in this blog post.

Want to find more awesome toys? Check out West Paw’s other interactive toy like Qwizl or Tux, both are made with the same Zogoflex material and are stuffable!

Quick Links to Find West Paw Toppl:
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You can also find West Paw toys in thousands of locally owned pet supplies stores!

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This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend items I believe in and often already purchased myself. I appreciate your support by shopping with my links!


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