How To Make 3 Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes

Fall is here and like everyone else I’m thinking about all things pumpkin! It’s a great ingredient to incorporate into the dogs’ diets because pumpkin contains tons of the antioxidant beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is great for skin, eyes and your dog’s immune system. It also helps with digestion since it’s packed with fiber. Pumpkin is also one of many dog food toppers that can really spice up your pet’s meals.

3 Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes

I came up with several creative ways to treat the dogs with Pumpkin this Fall! Keep reading to learn how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes from super simple to more advanced. The first two are frozen, which is one of the easiest ways to make homemade treats. You don’t even need to turn on the oven!

All of these recipes use 100% natural pumpkin puree. Make sure that you buy that and not pumpkin pie filling since that will have a ton of sugar and other spices.

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

Plain Jane Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats

This is the simplest recipe to make! I actually did it on Instagram Live in under 6 minutes, then once the freeze for a few hours you’re good to go.

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes


Pure Pumpkin Puree (yes, that’s it!)


Just spread the pumpkin puree (make sure it’s plain, not pie mix) into a silicone mold. I like this one that you can get on Amazon because it has metal edges that hold the puree in the mold. Silicone pans are so great because you can bake them and freeze them – how versatile! Freeze for a few hours until solid. You can them remove them from the pan and store them in the freezer in a zip lock bag.

These plain jane pumpkin pupsicles were a big hit with Lucy and Burt!

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

Ghoulishly Good Layered Pumpkin Treats

Want to take your DIY treats to the next level? Try a layered frozen treat. I found an awesome halloween themed silicone mold on Amazon that is perfect for layered pumpkin treats. The best part about this treat is that it’s still super easy to make and includes the nutrition of not just pumpkin but greek yogurt and bone broth! It’s the healthiest pupsicle on the block!

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

Layered Pumpkin Treat Ingredients:

Pure Pumpkin Puree
All Natural Greek Yogurt
Stella & Chewy’s Bone Broth Topper
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I chose to layer the pumpkin puree first because I thought it would show the detail of the mold best. I filled the silicone mold about a third of the way with that.

Then I added the all natural plain greek yogurt. Make sure it’s not vanilla or any other flavor because those contain a ton of sugar.

Next up is the bone broth. Tip: The broth is very watery so I found that it’s best to have the silicone mold on a piece of cardboard or a baking pan so that when you transfer it to the freezer it doesn’t spill out.

Freeze few a few hours then enjoy!

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

how to make 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

Pumpkin Pie for Dogs

This recipe is inspired by a family heirloom recipe passed on to me from my great aunt. I thought it would be nice for the dogs to participate in family traditions, too! My great aunt makes a pie that’s half pumpkin pie, half cheesecake and she passed the recipe down to me. Now I make it for Thanksgiving every year and I look forward to it more than any other dessert!

I don’t think my great Aunt would expect me to make her famous dessert for dogs. But she’s a very crafty woman, so I think she would approve!

Pumpkin Pie for Dogs Recipe Inspired by a Family Favorite

Pumpkin Cheesecake for Dogs Ingredients:

Puppy Cake Grain Free Cheesecake Mix
Pure Pumpkin Puree


Follow the directions on the Puppy Cakes box to add the “crust” to a cupcake pan you’ve prepped with liners. Then follow their directions for the cheesecake – this is pretty simple you guys!

The final thing to do is add the pure pumpkin puree on top as the pumpkin pie part of this layered treat. Set in the refrigerator for a few hours, then enjoy!

I hope you have fun treating your dogs with these delicious pumpkin treats! If you make anything please tag me on Instagram @tmistick so I can be a part of your dog joy!

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 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes


 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes 3 pumpkin dog treat recipes

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