You may not think that stylish dog-themed decor exists, but it does! I recently moved into a new apartment and had the chance to showcase some of the chic dog and fashion related items I already had, plus add a couple new things to my collection. No matter if you have a Miniature Poodle, a Chocolate Lab, or an Italian Mastiff, here are five ways you can show your love of style and fashion along with your everlasting love for your dog!

5 ways to show off your dog decor

1. These key hooks have to be one of the cutest things I have every purchased! They are at Ikea, available in a couple different colors and ridiculously affordable. I have them hung on the side of a cabinet next to our front door.

2. I amassed a mini-collection of fashion related dog books earlier this year when I was brainstorming starting this blog. Among my favorites are Dogs in Vogue and Women & Dogs. Both are full of great pictures of models and celebrities with dogs from over the last century. I need to flip through them again for new photo composition ideas!

3. Get some cool dog artwork.

4. I created this custom crate cover myself last year when Lucy graduated from the puppy sized crate to her big girl one. I had the striped fabric left over from a long time ago, but bought the Ikat just for this project. It is outdoor fabric which means it can handle dog hair, drool and the washing machine! It was a fairly simple project since it was all straight lines. Browse some fabrics that would also be great for this!

5. Don’t just dump your leashes in a pile on the floor. I found these 3M hooks at Target that match the doggy key holders from Target. They are hung on opposite sides of our front door, so it gives it a nice put-together look. The collars and leashes show here are from MimiGreen.

I’m looking forward to doing more list-style posts like this. Thanks to Independent Fashion Bloggers and their Project #100 for the inspiration!



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