You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

Do you love to go above and beyond to give your dog an amazing life? I’m always looking for the best toys, food, and gear for my dogs! When we’re together I make the most of every moment, but when I have to leave my dogs at home I worry they’re missing out or bored.

It would be so great if my dogs could be outside in the yard when I had to leave the house. But they need somewhere to keep warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. The solution would be a custom dog house!

A full-sized shed can be turned into a custom dog house complete with natural light, heating, cooling, and a comfy couch to give your dog their very own space with the comforts of home. 

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

I recently met a dog mom through Facebook who basically did Extreme Makeover: Dog House Edition in her yard! I knew that I had to share this amazing project with all of you.

Not only is the custom dog house stylish and functional, but the whole project is inspired by the unconditional love this couple has for their dogs, Oakley the Chocolate Lab and Ollie the Goldendoodle. Their dogs are their children and they wanted to create a really special place for them. They definitely succeeded!

This isn’t just any dog house… I think you could actually rent this out on AirBNB! The full-size shed has been customized with everything these dogs need to stay comfy while their pawrents are at work all day.

Dog mom LeRinda said, “We couldn’t leave Oakley and Ollie inside all day with no way to go potty and we didn’t have anyone to come let them out. So, we decided to put down turf and a patio in their fenced-in area to cut down on mud and mess.”

“Then, we made them a climate-controlled house that opens up into their fenced-in area with a doggie door. Now they can come and go as they please and still stay cool or warm while we’re away.”

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

Turning a Shed into A Custom Dog House

I love that this dog house is insulted, air-conditioned and heated so the dogs can be comfortable all year round. Knowing labs as I do, I bet Oakley still likes going out when it’s cold or rainy!

One of the coolest things about this custom dog house is that it’s decorated just like a real house. Our dogs deserve to hang out with the comforts they’re used to. LeRinda says her two dogs love the couch in their new dog house!  “They’re used to being inside our house sp my goal for their dog house was to recreate that for them. It’s like a cozy little living room for them while we’re away at work.”

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

LeRinda says her, “favorite part of the house is the collage picture frame above the table. The pictures and personal touches are sentimental and invaluable to me and my husband”

Just like inside your own home, this dog house is decorated with lots of dog art and decor to show just how much LeRinda and her husband love their pups! I absolutely love the matching hooks and embroidered backpacks. You know, just in case Oakley and Ollie decide to go for a little outing!

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

You Need to See this Amazing Custom Dog House

DIY Dog House

Obviously, LeRinda and her hubs have some major skills! But if you want to get some ideas on how to create a custom dog house like this for your fur babies, check out some of the resources below.

Shed with Window
Portable A/C
Heater like this one for chicken coops
An easy to clean Futon
Cute leash hook station
Wipe Your Paws welcome mat
Fun Dog Signs (this “Dog House” one is perfect!)

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You have to see this custom dog house


You have to see this custom dog house


  1. Erika

    I love this!:) LeRinda and her husband have created the perfect oasis for their pups to chillax in! The doggy themed decor is as cute as their wonderful dogs are!

    • Tori

      Isn’t it great?! Dog moms never cease to amaze me!

  2. Veronica

    Can I get dimensions on this and what was used to build this doggy house.

    • Tori

      Hi Veronica, I didn’t actually build this myself, it’s from another dog mom. It was just so amazing I had to share it!


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