Find the Best Sprayer for Your Home Dog Wash

Do you wash your dog at home and struggle with the mess and backache that it causes? I’m so happy that I was able to install a custom built-in dog wash station in my home! I have everything built to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for both me and the dogs.

When I was working with my contractors to build the dog wash, there were so many decisions to make! One of the hardest things was choosing the right dog wash sprayer. I looked at so many the best dog shower attachments, professional dog grooming sprayers and regular handheld shower sprayers.

The choices were overwhelming! So I finally ordered my top three sprayer options to see them in person. In my professional dog mom opinion, these are the top 3 shower sprayers for a home dog wash. I hope my feedback helps you cut down on your decision-making process!

  1. Waterpik Dog Wash Wand
  2. Reege Dog Grooming Sprayer
  3. Dura Faucet RV Handheld Shower Sprayer *this is the one I kept and use weekly!


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Find the Best Handheld Dog Shower Sprayer for Your Home

The qualities I looked for in a shower sprayer for my home dog wash had equally to do equally with style and performance. I wanted one that looked good and that worked well to wash my two labradors.

The dog wash is built into my powder room on the main level of my home. So when guests need to use the bathroom, they see the dog wash. That’s why it’s important to me that the whole area looks good. Plus, I’m a pinterest girl at heart! 

Ideally, this was my dog wash sprayer wish list:

  • Brushed nickel finish to match the rest of my bathroom
  • On/off switch to control the water flow with one hand
  • Powerful spray to wash the soap out of my dog’s fur
  • A hose that isn’t too long or too short
  • Operate as an independent sprayer (not integrated into a showerhead)
  • Affordable (under $75)

Why I didn’t order a professional dog grooming sprayer?

There are many professional-grade sprayers out there, but many of them were outside of my price range. They’re intended to be used all day, every day in a professional grooming shop. For my at-home dog wash, I didn’t need that level of performance.

What about the AquaPaw Dog Wash Sprayer?

You might have seen my video and blog post I did about the AquaPaw. While I love that mitt-style sprayer and it’s so convenient, it didn’t have the professional and luxury look I was going for.

The AquaPaw is a shower attachment and works best if you’re trying to modify your existing shower into the occasional dog wash. It’s not something that I would permanently install in a custom home dog wash station.

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Option 1: Waterpik Dog Wash Wand

Most of my early research was around dog-specific sprayers. I wanted to try this one from Waterpik because it looks really cool in their videos and it’s designed just for washing dogs. The long wand can be used to rinse shampoo and get your dog wet with less effort since it covers more area.

The water flow can be adjusted to the whole length of the wand, or more focused on smaller areas. A lot of my Instagram followers voted for this one when I polled them because it looks so cool!

I didn’t end up choosing this one for a few reasons. I didn’t like how plastic it looks, it didn’t have the high-end finish I was going for. I felt that the water wouldn’t be easy to focus and control and I’d end up with a lot of water on the floor and walls of my bathroom. The long wand might be good for your dog’s back, but it was hard to rinse between my dogs’ legs, their neck, and paws.

Pros of the Waterpik Dog Wash Wand:

  • Efficient Cleaning: The long wand covers a larger area, allowing for quicker and more efficient dog washing.
  • Adjustable Water Flow: Water flow can be adjusted along the entire length of the wand.
  • Popular and Good Reviews: The product is has received positive feedback and has lots of fans.

Cons of the Waterpik Dog Wash Wand:

  • Aesthetic: The product has a plastic appearance and lacks a high-end finish.
  • Not ideal for for Hard to Reach Spots: The long wand may make it hard to clean specific smaller areas like between the legs, neck, and paws of the dog.

>> You can buy this Waterpik Pet Wand Pro from Amazon for $49

best dog wash sprayer

Option 2: Reege Dog Grooming Sprayer

Another shower sprayer that’s targeted specifically to washing your dog is this one by Reege. I like that it looks stylish and fit in with the other fixtures in my bathroom (even though it still wasn’t brushed nickel).

It had good water flow and I think it would wash suds from my labrador’s fur very well. Controlling the water is similar to a garden hose, you need to hold down the lever for it to spray. This is nice because you don’t necessarily want the water running all the time. This way I can keep a steady temperature but not have water running while I’m applying shampoo to the dogs.

Another thing I liked about this dog shower sprayer is that it has a high end looking hose and comes with many of the pieces you need to install it on its own, as opposed to an add-on to a regular showerhead.

Pros of the Reege Dog Sprayer:

  • Stylish Design: The sprayer has a stylish appearance, blends well with other bathroom fixtures.
  • Effective Cleaning: Offers strong water flow, promising thorough cleaning and easy removal of suds from a dog’s fur.
  • Convenient Water Control: Features a lever similar to a garden hose for water control, allowing water to be stopped while applying shampoo, maintaining a steady temperature.

Cons of the Reege Dog Sprayer::

  • Limited Finish Option: Despite its stylish design, it does not come in brushed nickel, which might be a slight drawback for those looking for a perfect match with existing fixtures.
  • Manual Operation Required: You need to continuously hold down the lever for the water to spray, which might be inconvenient during longer wash sessions.

>> You can buy this REEGE Dog Shower Sprayer on Amazon for $39.

best dog wash sprayer

Option 3: RV Handheld Shower Sprayer

The dog wash sprayer that I ended up keeping and installing in my home is this one by Dura Faucet. The funny thing is, this one isn’t specifically for dogs! Yet, it managed to tick off everything in my wish list!

This sprayer is actually designed for RVs! Since you want to conserve water on an RV, it has an on/off switch that easily toggles with one hand. It almost completely stops the water, apart from a little trickle. The showerhead can be turned to get different sprays, and they all have plenty of flow to wash shampoo out of my labrador’s thick fur.

What sealed the deal for me is that this handheld showerhead is designed to work on its own, not as an afterthought attachment. It also comes in a ton of finishes to match your bathroom, like the brushed nickel I wanted!

The hose has a high-end look and feel that gives my dog wash the professional edge I was going for. It’s also really affordable!

Pros of the Dura Faucet Handheld Sprayer:

  • Versatile Design: Originally designed for RVs, this sprayer successfully fulfills all requirements for dog washing.
  • Water Conservation Features: Comes with an on/off switch for easy water control, helping to conserve water while providing sufficient flow for thorough cleaning.
  • Aesthetic and Quality: Offers a range of finishes, including brushed nickel, to match bathroom aesthetics, paired with a high-end looking and feeling hose.

Cons of the Dura Faucet Handheld Sprayer::

  • Not Designed Specifically for Dogs: Since it’s designed for RVs, there might be features or design aspects that are not fully optimized for dog washing – but it’s been working well for us for 3+ years.
  • Doesn’t Attach to an Existing Showerhead: This is a standalone sprayer, if you want something that attaches to a showerhead that’s already installed, this isn’t the one for you.

> You can get this Dura Faucet RV Hand Held Shower Head from Amazon for $40.

best dog wash sprayer

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Perks of Having a Home Dog Wash

Now that I have this beautiful at home dog wash station I use it all the time. When the dogs get dirty paws and underbellies on a walk, I can give them a quick rinse.

I also handwash my dog collars and leashes in the dog shower. Grimy collars and leashes can lead to bacteria growth and skin irritations. I wash my dog’s most used collars at least once a month. I can easily hang them to drip dry right about the dog wash. It’s perfect! Check out my post about the best way to wash your dog’s collar.

Having a dedicated dog wash cuts down on so much mess!

It means I don’t have a ton of dog hair in my own shower and bathroom. Even when I used to wash the dogs outdoor in the summer with a hose, I hated having the suds wash into the sidewalk. This way all the dog mess and soap can stay in one place and it’s easy to clean up since it’s a compact area.

built-in dog wash station

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Top sprayers for home dog wash

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