Book Review: Dog Mama by Serena Faber-Nelson of Pretty Fluffy

I’ve been following (and admiring) the stylish dog site Pretty Fluffy for years. It’s one of my go-to sites when I want to find the most stylish dog gear recommendations. So I knew the book Dog Mama by Serena Faber-Nelson of Pretty Fluffy was something I had to pick up!

Serena has been so kind and generous in supporting what I do. She even featured Lucy and my old dog Lola on Pretty Fluffy one time! Serena is an amazing example of how lovely the dog mama community is.

Dog Mom Community Photos

The Dog Mama Community

Last year I saw Serena requesting photo submissions from the real dog moms of Instagram to feature in the pages of her new book. Our dog mom friends across the globe participated and are now featured on the very first and last pages of Dog Mama: 200 Tips, Trends, and How-To Secrets for Stylish Dog Owners.

It’s no accident that Serena chose to do a huge community feature on some of the most visible pages of her book. It takes a village to raise a dog and I know we all rely on the advice and inspiration from our in-person and online dog mom friends. What a wonderful way to honor this community!

Once I got past pouring over the photo collage pages (and looking up each dog mom on Instagram!), I dove into reading the book. Within the first few pages, I picked up some great tips from Serena about creating a stylish life that embraces dogs.

Dog Mama Book Pretty Fluffy

Pet Friendly Home Inspo

The first piece of advice from the book that I’ve already implemented in my home is to clean out the dog’s toy bin. In the book, Serena has a plan for emptying out the basket, sorting toys into keep, donate and fix piles then placing just 4-6 toys back in the basket. The rest go in a bag that I’ll keep in the closet to rotate out each month.

While I’ve heard similar advice in the past, what convived me to actually implement it was the promise of a much tidier toy bin. Overflowing is not a cute look!

200 Tips, Trends and How-To Secrets for Stylish Dog Owners

Each section of the book is separated by a DIY tip, tutorial or recipe from Serena. There’s paw print artwork instructions, a recipe for an all-natural carpet sprinkle that neutralizes odors, and of course, treat recipes.

In each chapter you get to meet a new stylish dog mom and get her specialized advice on topics such as living in a small space with a dog, holistic remedies for you and your dog, pet fashion, Instagram photography, dog friendly travel hacks and advice on entertaining with pets.

One of the dog moms featured in the book has also been a guest on the Wear Wag Repeat podcast! Get to know Maitri Mody of Honey I Dressed The Pug on Episode 27.

Dog Mom Guide Book by Pretty Fluffy

Dog Mama Guides You Through All Stages of Your Dog’s Life

What I really love about this book is that it celebrates every phase of you and your dog’s life together. From advice on photographing puppies to caring for your dog’s day to day basic needs. There’s also ideas on how to include your dog in milestone celebrations and eventually, beautiful memorial ideas.

So much of what we share about our dogs online are the cute, funny and exciting moments. But every real dog mom knows that tips on cleaning up accidents in the house or red flags to look for when planning a dog-friendly vacation are the kind of secrets that take time to learn. Thank you, Serena for writing this fabulous guide that teaches us ALL of the things a stylish dog mama needs to know!

Order Your Copy of Dog Mama: 200 Tips, Trends, and How-To Secrets for Stylish Dog Owners

You can order your own copy of Dog Mama by Serena Faber-Nelson of Pretty Fluffy from Amazon.

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  1. Serena

    Thankyou so much for such a detailed and lovely review! I’m so glad you loved it and love our community of dog mamas xx

    • Tori

      My pleasure, the book is really beautiful! I’m happy to recommend it!


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