Built In Home Dog Wash Renovation Reveal

Wouldn’t it be great to have for a dedicated dog wash station in your home? I dreamed about my own at-home dog wash for years! My dreams came true this year when I did a renovation to an old enclosed porch to create a mudroom, powder room and built-in home dog wash station.

Since more than half of Americans have dogs, a built in home dog wash station will add value to any renovation and is easily incorporated into a bathroom addition. 

Having a built-in dog wash station at home has made my life with two labradors better than ever because it’s so easy to wash them after an adventure. Since I know it’s so easy to clean up no matter what the weather is, now I don’t hesitate to go on muddy hikes or walks in the pouring rain. Labs don’t care if it’s raining!

dog shower at my home

Bathroom with a Built-In Dog Wash Renovation

The before and after of this space is pretty dramatic because before it was an enclosed porch with cedar siding and 75+-year-old windows and screens all the way around. The floor was very sloped, there was zero insulation and in the winter snow would blow in under the door! In the summer the space was hotter than a sauna. And since it was all windows, there was nowhere to store anything.

The transformation of the space took a long time – about 6 months! It was a lot more than a simple renovation since my contractor had to reinforce the sagging foundation and insulate everything. Plus we had to put new siding on the outside. Honestly, I didn’t mind how long it took because now it’s done and it’s perfect!

The porch was broken up into 3 spaces. A mudroom entryway, a middle space that I’m calling the sunroom, and the bathroom with a built in dog wash station. You can see my mood boards for this project. I think we nailed it!

built-in dog wash station

bathroom renovation with dog wash

Installing a new bathroom for dogs

installing a dog wash at home

Tips for Installing a Raised Dog Washing Station

One of the most important elements of our dog wash is the height. I wanted the base raised up off the floor so I didn’t have to bend over to wash the dogs. After washing them in my tub or with a garden hose for years I know that bending over at weird angles kills my back! Our shower base is raised up about 18″ off the floor.

This height is an easy jump up for Burt and Lucy. As they get older I can also give them a little step stool to climb up on.

I also love how big the shower area is! I can fit both dogs in there at once which is really important when we come home from a very muddy adventure. Burt and Lucy mostly just stand there while I wash them. But if you have a dog who won’t stay still, you could add a little clip bolted to the wall to keep them in place. They use those at every dog grooming shop I’ve ever been to!

raised dog shower

The Best Shower Sprayer for A Home Dog Wash

Finding the perfect shower sprayer was the hardest part of building a custom dog shower! A lot of dog sprayers out there fall into two camps. They’re either inexpensive add-ons that you can attach to your main shower or a garden hose, or they’re high-end sprayers designed for groomers.

After ordering many different options, I finally found the perfect sprayer! It’s actually designed for RVs. It has an on/off toggle so I can stop the flow of water while I suds up the dogs, then turn it back on with one hand when it’s time to rinse off. It also came in brushed nickel to match the rest of my fixtures. And the hose is the perfect length. If you want to order this exact sprayer, you can find it on Amazon.

One thing that I needed to make my sprayer situation work was this converter box. It was hard to find, so I’m sharing a link to make your life easier if you decide to build your own custom dog shower.

–> Check out this follow up blog post about the other sprayers I considered! One of them might be a perfect fit for your life and your dogs!

shower sprayer for dog wash

the best sprayer for a dog wash

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Chocolate Lab Dog Wash

Finishing Touches on The Dog Shower

Other than adding two dirty dogs, there are a few other finishing touches to make the dog wash functional. I love having microfiber dog towels on hand. They soak up a lot of water and I found these on Amazon available in a ton of different colors (plus, they’re really affordable).

I’m keeping them on a wall-mounted shelf so they’re accessible but out of the way. When they’re soaking wet, I’ll hang them from these s-hooks to drip dry over the shower.

The built-in dog wash has a narrow shelf all the way around. That’s the perfect place to keep dog shampoo and other grooming products like ear wash and nail clippers. I plan on picking up a few small baskets to keep everything in (It’s just hard to get to the store amidst coronavirus right now!).

microfiber dog towels dog wash

bathroom renovation with dog wash

Everything Used in My Dog Wash Bathroom Renovation

I did my best to keep track of everything I used in this renovation in case you want to create a built-in dog wash station in your own home. Some of these are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy through them.


Shower Base
Subway Tiles
Shower Sprayer
Handheld Shower Adapter
Towel Shelf  (similar option)
Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo
Microfiber Towels
Drain Hair Catcher
Dog Art by Wild Oak (chocolate lab option)


18″ Bathroom Vanity
Light Fixture
Round Mirror
Penny tiles
Toilet for small spaces

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Buidling a built in dog wash

everything for the perfect home dog wash

check out this home dog wash

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  1. A. Dee

    Hi! Love this! Do you have the name of the designer who helped with this project!

    • Tori

      Thank you so much! I designed everything myself : )

  2. TB

    It looks sooooooo good!!!!! 🙂

    • Tori

      Thank you!!! I’m already loving it and can’t wait to really take advantage of all the easy baths this Spring!

  3. Bobbi Jo

    Great job!!!! You not only made life easier with 2 labradors, you increased the value of your home and got another bathroom out of it as well! We have room at our house for a doggie bath and we often talk about putting one in!!! If we do, your post will come in handy.

    • Tori

      Thank you so much Bobbi Jo! I know that you know how much work renovations can be, but once they’re finally done it’s so worth it! I’m sure your 2 would love their very own shower, too!

  4. Jessica

    What are the dimensions of your shower? We are designing something similar for our pup!

    • Tori

      Thanks for asking! And congrats on your new dog bath! Mine is 28″ x 42″. It had to fit in a really specific spot since I was renovating, not adding an addition (and my house is 110 years old!). If you have more flexible space, I suggest looking at pre-fab sizes for shower basins. I had to custom order and it was about $1,000!


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