I’m excited to share with you a video about hot to make a DIY Dog Friendly Herbs Decoupage Planter. There are so many plants every where I shop, and nothing is better than fresh herbs! Did you know that parsley is not only dog friendly, but really great for your dog. It promotes fresh breath and is a great addition to homemade treats, or just sprinkled on top of dinner. The best part about growing herbs for your dog is that you can use them, too.

I hope you enjoy this DIY and make it your own with a bright and fun photo of your own dog. You can print the photo out on your own printer, which will work better for the decoupage than glossy photo paper. For the accent colors, be as creative as you’d like! You could paint a fun pattern or use a metallic to tie into your kitchen appliances. I can’t wait to see the creativity you bring to this project!

Below is the video tutorial and a shopping list with links to all the supplies you’ll need to create this for yourself. I’ve also included a PDF of the fresh breath parsley treat recipe I used on my planter. Lucy is a big fan of these treats, and I love how they give her slightly better dog breath!



Print the Treat Recipe for Your Planter


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