Earlier this summer I bought some popsicle molds at the dollar store. I imagined making some delicious frozen mojito popsicles for myself. But, or course I never got around to that, and instead decided to make some gourmet pup-sicles for Lola and Lucy. There are still plenty of hot and humid Summer days left, and the girls need to cool off! Although, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind eating these in the dead of winter either. Keep reading for an easy DIY: Gourmet Pupsicles Recipe.

Easy DIY Gourmet Pupsicles are a great Summer Treat for you dog! Ingredients: Peanut Butter Plain Yogurt Frozen Blueberries Water Medium Milk Bones. Get more instructions on my blog!
These were pretty simple to make, and you could definitely use little paper dixie cups if you don’t have real popsicle molds.

DIY: Gourmet Pupsicles Recipe

Peanut Butter
Plain Yogurt
Frozen Blueberries
Medium Milk Bones

I got the idea to use the peanut butter from my friend Mary Withrow who volunteers at the Animal Rescue League. She said the PB helps the pupsicles to come out of the mold more easily. So that was the first ingredient.

Next, I added plain yogurt. The active cultures in yogurt can be really good for your dog’s digestions, so if they have an upset tummy I always add a tablespoon to their food.

On top of the yogurt I put 3 frozen blueberries each. I figure blueberries are good for all their antioxidants! Plus, I had a ton frozen in my freezer.

I topped each mold off with a little water to help them freeze nice and hard. Instead of a popsicle stick (which mu dogs would eat!), I used a medium size Milk Bone. You’ll need this later to get the frozen pupsicles out of the molds.

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DIY: Gourmet Pupsicles

DIY Gourmet Dog Popsicles

DIY Gourmet Dog Popsicles

DIY: Gourmet Pupsicles

Don’t they look pretty! I might have to try one myself they look so tasty!

The trick to getting them out is to let them warm up at room temp for a few minutes. Then just gently twist the milkbone to release the whole treat. Lola and Lucy LOVED these! We’ll definitely be making them again, maybe even experimenting with different ingredients like beef broth and canned pumpkin. I also love this post from Kol’s Notes on a Coconut Milk Pupsicles DIY – those sound like something I would want for myself, too!

DIY Gourmet Dog Popsicles

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