DIY Photography Backdrop with Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in the Summer? Flower walls are all the rage at big fancy celebrity events, so I thought why not learn how to create a DIY Photography Backdrop with Fresh Flowers to take beautiful photos of your dogs. Dogs > Celebrities. I find that flowers are used quite a lot in professional photography as it brings a lot of colour to the pictures and makes them feel fresh and vibrant. Looking at you can see just how popular fresh flowers are in photos. You can easily recreate these photos at home with your own DIY wall and take some stunning photographs. This DIY backdrop would also be great for product shots, or a shoe photobooth which is what I really created this for a few weeks ago!

DIY Photography Backdrop with Fresh Flowers

It’s a simple DIY, all you need are a few things:

1. Tons of big fresh flowers
2. A foam core presentation board
3. A pen or screwdriver to poke holes for the stems
4. Tape to secure the stems to the back of the board

Watch my YouTube video to see how simple it was and in no time you’ll be crafting your own flower wall. Please tag me in your photos if you do this with you dogs, I would love to see what you create!

You can make this DIY photography backdrop as small or as big as you need. Just make sure you create it the same day you plan to use it, hopefully right before the photoshoot, otherwise the flowers will start to wilt. I tried photographing Lola and Lucy the next morning, and the flowers looked oh, so sad. They only last about 6 hours with this method. I thought about alternatives to make them last, like florist foam, but ultimately this wall is for one night of fabulous photos!

DIY Photography Backdrop with Fresh Flowers

I love photographing my dogs with beautiful flowers. One of my favorite photoshoots ever can be found in this Flower Crown for Dogs post. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to see how gorgeous the girls look in a flower crown!


  1. Angelica @ Gardening in High Heels

    That backdrop is EVERYTHING. How can you not love dogs, shoes, etc even more with flowers in the background?? I have to find an excuse to make this now! I’m thinking adding a layer of floral foam behind the presentation board that you can spritz down (making sure the stems go into the foam of course) or just using foam instead of the presentation board will slow down the wilting, especially if it’s a hot day.

    • Tori

      Yes! Floral foam would be a great idea for this, but since I didn’t do much advance planning haha I was left with wilted flowers in a few hours. On the bright side, all those flowers were under $30 from Trader Joes. Pretty inexpensive for an amazing photo prop!


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