DIY Pumpkin Gelatin Gummy Dog Treat Recipe

As the weather gets cooler and we spend more time indoors, I’m on the lookout for healthy recipes I can make for the dogs at home. Even a no-bake recipe gives me a fun project to work on and something to look forward to as the days get shorter. I’ve been curious about gelatin dog treats for a while and finally got the ingredients I need to make this pumpkin gummy dog treat recipe!

One reason I want to make gummy dog treats is that gelatin is good for your dog’s joints. With bigger dogs like labradors, it’s important to look out for their joint health. That’s why I bought a high-quality gelatin powder in which the one and only ingredient is bovine gelatin.

When you make your own dog treats you know exactly what goes in them. That’s means I can use very simple, healthy ingredients that are delicious and good for my dog’s health!

Pumpkin Gummy Dog Treat

Pumpkin Gummy Dog Treats

When I make this recipe, I use all the silicone molds I have on hand. I made little gummy treats and bigger gummy treats, and I also made a deluxe version! I subscribe to Real Dog Box and have so much fun coming up with creative DIY recipes that use the all-natural chews that come each month. I’ve done Doggy Cannoli and a Doggy Açaí Bowl!

For October I wanted to come up with a Halloween inspired DIY recipe. I ended up using the steer pizzle spiral and a collapsible silicone dog bowl to make the Gummy Pumpkin Steer Pizzle treats you can see below! They were a big hit with Burt and Lucy!

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Steer Pizzle Pumpkin Gelatin Dog Treats

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What is steer pizzle? OK. Real talk: pizzle is 100% penis. And the truth is, your pup will love it!

For these light chews, Real Dog Box uses steers not bulls. What’s the difference? Bulls are male bovines capable of mating. Steers are males that have been castrated. TMI? Not when it comes to where your dog treats come from! The more you know, the better dog mom you can be.

Pumpkin Halloween Dog Treat

Pumpkin Gelatin Dog Treat Recipe

Making these treats is so easy! It’s a no-bake recipe because the gelatin just needs to firm up in the fridge. You do need either a microwave or stove to heat up half of your liquid and you’ll need a silicone mold (this is the Halloween one I have and I love these ones for every day).

1 cup liquid (water, broth or a mix like this one by The Honest Kitchen)
1 cup natural pumpkin purée
1 1/2 tbsp of Great Lakes Beef Gelatin
Optional: Steer Pizzle Chew

ingredients for pumpkin jello dog treats

Making the treats:
Mix your cool liquid with the gelatin powder and let sit for about 5 minutes. This allows the gelatin to “bloom.” You’ll see it start to get clumpy and jello-y. After 5 minutes, mix it up.

While the gelatin is “blooming” warm up your pumpkin puree on the stove. I used low-medium heat until the pumpkin was quite hot, stirring the whole time to prevent it from burning.

Once your gelatin mixture is ready and the pumpkin puree is hot, slowly stir the cool gelatin mixture into the hot pumpkin. Stir the whole time you mix them together.

Once it’s all combined, pour into your silicone molds. If you’re making the Gummy Pumpkin Steer Pizzle treats, you’ll put your steer pizzle spiral in a small silicone dog bowl (like this one) and pour the pumpkin mixture over it so that the “stem” of your pumpkin is sticking out.

Put everything in the fridge to set for a few hours. Remove and enjoy!

how to make gelatin dog treats

Silicone molds for dog treats

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Tips to Make and Store these Pumpkin Gummy Dog Treats

Most silicone molds are very flexible. This makes it easy to get your treats out! But it makes it so hard to move them to the fridge without spilling! I put my molds on a tray before I fill them, then just move the whole tray to a shelf of the fridge. This has saved me so many messes!

Once they’re set, you can keep these gummy dog treats in the silicone molds until you’re ready to give them to your dog. Or, you can remove them from the molds and store them in an airtight container in the fridge for about a week until you’re ready for a treat.

Skull Pumpkin Dog Treat

Since these treats are packed with gelatin and pumpkin, they’re so healthy that you can also use them as a meal topped. Just add one to your dog’s food bowl at meal time.

Pumpkin is so great for your dog’s digestion. It’s always a great addition to their food!

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More Homemade Jello Dog Treat Resources

While I was learning how to make these pumpkin gelatin treats, I found a couple of dog mom blogs that were really helpful! I get so many recipes ideas from Proud Dog Mom (I love her cookbook!) and she has great gelatin treat recipes on her blog like these DIY Chicken Jello Dog Treats.

There’s also a ton of info on how to make gelatin dog treats, what gelatin to use and the many mix in ingredients you can use on the Dalmatian DIY blog! I recommend reading her introduction to making gelatin dog treats post for starters!

DIY Pumpkin Gelatin Gummy Dog Treat Recipe

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DIY Pumpkin Gelatin Gummy Dog Treat Recipe

*This post contains affiliate links. 


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  1. Bobbi Jo

    Great idea! I just bought a box of gelatin last week and am trying to come up with a fun idea for a treat. Maybe I’ll kick off November with a gelatin treat for Jake and Maggie and post it on my blog. I have a cute pumpkin mold I can use but would love find a turkey mold! Amazon here I come!

    • Tori

      A turkey gelatin treat is a great idea!!! Maybe you can find one shaped like a turkey leg? Whatever you make, I know it will be fabulous!


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