Dog Friendly Summer Day Trip to Cleveland

Looking for a fun dog-friendly day trip within driving distance of Pittsburgh? I recommend checking out Cleveland! It’s just 2 or 3 hours away so you can leave after breakfast and be back home before your dog’s bedtime. Clevland has tons of dog friendly things to do and places to explore!

In this post, I’m sharing what Lucy and I did during a quick day trip to CLE this summer. Driving up and back was no big deal, especially since we had so much fun for the 6 or 7 hours we spent in town.

Dog Friendly Summer Day Trip to Cleveland

Dog Friendly Cleveland

This is just a sample of the dog friendly things to do in Cleveland. At the end of the post, there’s also a list of other dog-friendly activities that we didn’t get around to this time, but are on our list for the next trip!

If you thinking to yourself, “What about Burt?” He stayed home and had not one, but two special friends pop in to hang out and feed him throughout the day. I talk a lot on Instagram about taking turns with the dogs for our outings. Managing two is just a handful! I’ve found that we all have more fun when the dogs get to take turns. Don’t let anything hold you back when it comes to enjoying life with your dogs!

Start with Some Dog Mom Shopping

Our first stop in Cleveland was to Milo & Me, the cutest dog mom boutique you’ve ever seen! I learned about the shop when I wrote this giant post of dog friendly shop across the country and knew that I had to go visit in person.

Shop owner, Jessica, stocks stylish women’s clothing and accessories and coordinating dog items. When we went there was a camo dress for me and a matching camo bandana for Lucy. Shop dog, Milo, will help you pick out some things to try on. Then you can head back to the dressing rooms. Jessica made them extra large so you and your dog can fit in together!

Lucy and I left with matching pink camo shorts (for me) and bandana (for her). Plus, I picked up a twinning look for Lucy and Burt with matching cactus bring collar flower and bow tie.

Dog Friendly Summer Day Trip to Cleveland

Grab Lunch on a Dog Friendly Patio

After shopping, we went to grab some lunch at Townhall. I’ve been to this restaurant on my own before and knew they had a really good menu that 100% non-GMO. I was so happy to discover that they’re also super dog friendly, too! There’s sidewalk seating out front, but put your name in and wait for a table on the back patio where it’s more chill and there are less distractions for your pup. Our server was happy to fill up a doggy water for Lucy and we had a very relaxing lunch.

Checked out Townhall’s tagged photos on Instagram to find lots of puppers enjoying the patio, like these two from @theonewithtwodogs.


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Play on the Dog Beach on Lake Erie

One of the coolest dog activities in Cleveland is the off leash dog beach located right in town at Edgewater Pier. We were there on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday so the beach was packed! It was so cool to have the dog area at the end with all kinds of dogs swimming and hanging out on the shore. There were even non-dog people hanging out on the dog side. I wish we had something like this in Pittsburgh!

Full disclosure: This beach was kinda gross (apparently there was a pool of water at the far end that was mostly sewage runoff), but the novelty of swimming in the city was worth it in my opinion. Just stay away from any standing water and wash your dog after!!

Get Some Artisanal Ice Cream and a Pup Cup

One look at the Instagram account for Mason’s Creamery and I knew I had to go – they sometimes have black ice cream! It’s a super chill little ice cream shop with plenty of outdoor seating. They allowed me to bring Lucy inside to order and I really appreciated that! I ordered a goat cheese and cherry ice cream and also got a pup cup for Lucy – which she basically inhaled much to the amusement of everyone else outside!

Bonus tip: don’t leave without snapping an Instagram photo in front of the giant ice cream cone mural!

More Dog Friendly Things To Do In Cleveland

Shopping, lunch, beach and ice cream made for a really awesome day for us! On the drive home Lucy slept the whole way. But if you have more energy or more time, I also found a couple other cool dog friendly things to do in Cleveland. There’s a great resource on Let me know if you go to any of them!

Other places to check out:
Luxe Kitchen & Lounge – The dog friendly brunch destination
Nano Brew – I hear they have a great patio
Pheonix Coffee Company – Bring your dog inside for a treat
Terrestrial Brewing – walking distance from the Edgewater Pier beach

Dog Friendly Summer Day Trip to Cleveland

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Dog Friendly Summer Day trip to Cleveland

Dog Days of Summer in Cleveland


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