Planning A Dog Friendly Trip To New York City

New York City is a surprisingly great destination for dogs! So many people who live in the city enjoy getting out of their small apartments and taking their dogs along with them, which means there are tons of dog friendly restaurants, shops and parks in every neighborhood. Lucy and I enjoyed a long weekend in NYC and had the best time. Partially thanks to the gals we got to hang out with! Have you thought about planning a dog friendly trip to New York City? Then read on!

[ Author’s Note: This post was originally written for a major pet retailer’s blog. Several months after I expected the post to be published I had to retract it. I learned that the majority of articles on their site recommend places, experiences and products that the authors haven’t personally tested with their dogs. When the site asked me to include New York City activities that Lucy and I hadn’t been to I didn’t feel right about that.

Whether you’re new to my site or you’ve been coming for years, I want you to know that I work really hard to create authentic content. I’ll never recommend places or things to you that I don’t stand behind. The safety and happiness of our dogs is my top priority. ]

Getting Around NYC With Your Dog

Exploring all of the places we went can be a lot of ground to cover! You can hop on the subway which allows dogs in carriers or hail a taxi or ride-sharing service like Via or Uber that allows larger dogs. It’s a good idea to ask the driver if they’re OK with your dog in the car before getting in, but everyone said yes to us! So if you are thinking of bringing your dog to New York though, then you’ll easily be able to. If you have never taken your dog on holiday before then it might be a good idea to click here for more information on bringing your dog with you on holiday (and where you can take them).

Via was new to me, but what we liked about it is that they generally send a big 10 passenger van so there was plenty of room for a big dog like Lucy.

Of course NYC is also very walkable! Just be aware of the temperature and how much exercise your dog can handle. It’s a good idea to test the sidewalk temperature on your own bare foot. If you can’t handle it for 7 seconds, then it’s too hot for your dog and you should hop in a car.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Manhattan and Brooklyn

One of the best parts of travelling with your pup is checking out dog friendly hotels and their canine amenities. You can find some great dog friendly hotels on websites like, there’s loads to choose from. Lucy would have loved jumping up on the king size bed at Hotel on Rivington (our friends at WTFrenchie stayed there the same week we were in town). The hotel welcomes up to two dogs per room, so it’s a great option if you travel with a small pack! What’s great about this hotel is that it’s just a few blocks away from one of the most dog friendly bars in town! D.B.A. East Village welcomes dogs inside the bar and in the back garden. Prepare to get a lot of attention from other dog loving customers as you enjoy a beer from their wide selection.

The next time we’re in NYC, Lucy and I have to check out the Soho Grand Hotel, WTFrenchie has been there, too! It has pet-dedicated floors and an exclusive rooftop dog park custom created by garden designer Rebecca Cole, a favorite of Oprah. This hotel pulls out all the stops for your pup by providing organic treats, bedding, food and water bowls, and doggy bags. The best part? There’s no pet fee!

Another option when visiting the big apple with your dog is to do like we did and head over to Brooklyn where you can take your pick of dog friendly hotels. Lucy and I stayed at the Even Hotel which was walking distance from Prospect Park. The room was tiny, but it had hard floors which are great for dog friendly rooms!

One of the highlights of our entire trip was the off-leash hours throughout Prospect Park from 5am-9am and 9pm-1am. Dogs of all shapes and sizes frolic in the grass along nearly a mile-long great lawn. There’s even a dog beach in the park if your pup would like to go for a swim! Lucy had to stay pretty, so no beach for her!

Which reminds me, as much as we all love our dogs, it is no secret that dog pee killing grass can be a huge inconvenience. Especially if you like to maintain a well kept garden with luscious green grass! A friend of mine recently recommended some supplements to me that can allegedly lower the nitrogen levels in your dog’s urine. Click the link above to find out more.

Post-Dog Park Brunch in the City

Dining with your dog in NYC was super easy in the Summer. There are sidewalk cafes in just about every neighborhood. A great restaurant to take your dog to is Bluestone Lane in the Upper East Side, located directly across from one of the entrances to Central Park. Lucy and I went there with our pack and asked for a table for 5 girls and 7 dogs, which shockingly they set up for us!

Just like Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Central Park welcomes dogs off leash from 5am – 9am and 9pm-1am. After enjoying one of the most iconic parks in the country (and a photoshoot with Natalie Seibers), we walked over to Bluestone Lane for their famous avocado toast and endless water refills for the dogs. This cafe’s sidewalk seating has plenty of umbrellas and is on an extra wide sidewalk so the dogs had plenty of shade and personal space to enjoy their visit.

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The Best Spot for Manhattan Skyline Photos with Your Dog

A dog friendly trip to New York City wouldn’t be complete without adorable photos. One of the best places to photograph your dog in the city is along the Brooklyn Promenade. Plan your visit in the evening and you’ll be able get amazing shots of you and your dog in front of the Manhattan skyline at sunset.

We started under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO where we saw lots of tourists posing for photos on the picturesque cobblestone street. From there, we walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park where there’s a beautiful merry-go-round and lots of ice cream shops. Keep walking south along the water for amazing views of the skyline. The Pier 6 Dog Run is at the end of your walk just in case your pup needs one more chance to stretch their legs off leash before calling it a night.

What to Pack for an NYC Trip with Your Dog

You need a couple essentials for your dog friendly vacation in the city. Pack at least one collapsible bowl and take it everywhere you go. It’s easy to fill up at a water fountain or sidewalk cafe.

You’ll also probably want to bring your dog’s food from home. Pack up enough for a few days in something like the Kibble Carrier from Kurgo that holds up to five pounds of food. Lucy’s back is stocked up with Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend!

One more thing you might want to pack for your trip is booties. Sidewalks can get hot in the Summer, salty in the Winter and city streets are a little grimy in general. I’ve used Pawz before. They go on easily and are disposable so you can toss them out after your trip and use a fresh set for your next adventure.

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