Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patches Near Pittsburgh

Are you looking for a fun Fall activity to do with your dog around Pittsburgh? Head to a local farm to check out their pumpkin patch. When the weather is right, visiting a pumpkin is the perfect dog-friendly activity! You’re outdoors, there’s plenty of fresh air and things for your dog to roll in. And most importantly, you’ll be able to take a lot of cute photos!

Once you pick out your pawfect pumpkin, take it home a carve a dog inspired design! I’m checking out these free dog breed pumpkin carving stencils. There’s a lab! Should I try it?

can you take your dog to pumpkin patches near pittsburgh

Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patch Near Pittsburgh

There aren’t a ton of dog-friendly pumpkin patches around Pittsburgh, but the one below that does welcome furry friends is worth visiting. Although I do research and do my best to visit every place I recommend myself, policies can change. I always recommend calling first to double-check that your dog will be allowed at new places.

Simmons Farm in McMurray, PA

South of the city in McMurray, PA is Simmons Farm. They usually hold a Fall Harvest Fest on weekends in September and October. Check the Simmons Farm website for more details on the festival including hay rides, a corn maze, food vendors and more.

At Simmons Farm, you are welcome to take your dog along with you to the pick-your-own-pumpkin patch. Last we checked, dogs were allowed on the hayride that takes you to the field (thanks for that info and the cute photo below!). If you’re not looking to go that far, your dog can help you pick from the selection of pumpkins at the farm’s market. The market is also stocked lots of produce, pies, flowers and more.

Simmons Farm Location + Info:
170 Simmons Road
McMurray, PA  15317
Monday-Saturday  9 am-5 pm
Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

dog friendly pumpkin patch pittsburgh

To save you a lot of time searching for more pumpkin patch options to take your dog, I’ve confirmed that the following pumpkin patches do not allow pets: Trax Farm, Shenot’s Farm. These are still wonderful, locally owned farms that you should check out, but you’ll have to leave your dog at home.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Pumpkin Patch

Before you plug these farms into your Waze and head out the door, make sure your pup is set up for success on their pumpkin patch visit! There will probably be a lot of kids and families there (and maybe other dogs), so only take your dog if they’re comfortable around those kinds of settings.

I recommend you use a regular 4′ or 6′ leash for these kinds of outings. I don’t think retractable leashes are ever a good choice, but especially somewhere like a pumpkin patch, you want to make sure your dog stays close by you and under control.

Speaking of control… Don’t let your dog pee on any of the pumpkins! Remember that people will be touching them and taking them home to carve or decorate with. Encourage your pup to go potty off to the side of the fields. And it goes without saying, pick up any poops that might happen on this field trip!

The most important tip is to HAVE FUN! Make sure to take your dog’s favorite treats or toy to get their attention for some really cute photos. Speaking of photos, try to get down on their level for the best view.

chocolate lab with pumpkins

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dog friendly pumpkin patch near pittsburgh

dog friendly pumpkin patch pittsburgh pittsburgh dog friendly pumpkin patch


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  1. Janni

    One thing i feel sad about is the lack of dog friendly places where we live! In that sense, I miss living in Washington D.C. (not Pittsburg I know, but still) where there was lots to do and explore. Love reading your posts though, even though we live far away. So inspiring!


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