Your Favorite Dog Influencers Model for Wear Wag Repeat

It’s so exciting to see anyone wearing products from my own shop. I put so much consideration, time and effort into carrying unique items that bring joy to the dog lovers of the world. This time of year brings lots of excitement as people are ordering gifts and presents for themselves and their own dogs.

As an Instagram influencer, this time of year is also busy for me as reviewing products, take creative photos with Lucy and Burt and put together dog mom gift guides. Thanks to my growing Wear Wag Repeat Shop, I got the chance to flip the script and work with some of my very own dog brand influencers this holiday season!

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

Finding the Right Dog Influencer Models

Since Wear Wag Repeat is all about supporting dog moms, I looked for dog Instagram influencers who have dog mamas that play a big part in their account. My shop carries a ton of clothes, accessories and gifts perfect for dog moms so it was important to work with other accounts who are all about the dog mom life!

The accounts that I had the pleasure of collaborating with this year all bring a ton of fun, joy and realness to their posts. I could tell that these ladies and pups only post about stuff that they really love, so their endorsement of Wear Wag Repeat means so much to me!

I also love that the dog influencers posting about Wear Wag Repeat this holiday season come in all shapes and sizes. I’m not just talking about the dogs themselves! But also the size of everyone’s accounts. When it comes to being an Instagram Influencer, authenticity often counts more than sheer numbers. That’s why I collaborate with accounts both large and small!

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

Dog Mom Gear Modeled by our Favorite Influencers

So who did we collaborate with? Let me tell you all about them!

The first photo up top is from @dood_itscharlie and his dog mom Jess. Charlie is a Mini Goldendoodle and about 75% fluff! I love the photo they took with my Wet Noses candle! The Wet Noses candle is a spiced cider scent that will fill your home with a sweet cinnamon and apple aroma. It’s all natural, soy wax and comes with free matches!

Next up my friend (and amazing dog trainer) @amberaquart is modeling the Jungle Dog Dress with her dog Oakley. I got to meet Amber and Oakley this Summer and we all clicked right away! This is what Amber had to say about the dress, “This dress from Wear Wag Repeat is SO COMFY! The material is stretchy and would you believe it doesn’t catch dog hair?” This is one of my top sellers because it’s so unique!

Now for all the PINK LOVERS! Syndey (and Mattis) from @madpuplife is modeling my All Pink & Puppies Everything shirt. Sydney is all about fashion, home decor, DIYs and general killer style, so I was really excited to see what she would pick! This pink and puppies shirt is actually a collaboration with the Pink Lovers Shop, and it’s one of my favorites, too.

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

Collaborating with our Instagram Dog Besties

One of my favorite chocolate lab accounts is @chocfullofposie. Her pawrents even painted their front door pink after I did mine! That’s one of the coolest things about our Instagram dog mom pack… we can be so connected even though we never get to meet in person! Hannah and Posie picked out the Full Moon Labrador Hoodie because it’s soft, warm and perfect for winter dog walks OR cuddles on the couch.

Speaking of Instagram dog friends, one of our besties is Hannah and her two Boston Terriers Maggie and Orbit. These two are major Instagram celebrities with over 140,000+ followers! Hannah is always trying out new training and nutrition with the girls and shares a lot of tips on their account. She also takes amazing photos like this one of Maggie and Orbit modeling my Millenial Monstera Bandana and Birthday Sprinkles Bandana. You can get to know Hannah more on Episode 15 of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast.

The bandanas in my shop are created in Pittsburgh, PA in collaboration with East End Cooperative Ministry Sew Forward, a program that provides employment, guidance, and training for those who want to make a positive change in their lives. It amazing how a triangle of fabric can make an impact on the world!

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

Dog Mom Gear for All Kinds of Walks

One of the coolest things about partnering with dog instagram influencers is that everyone has their own style and takes different photos! I loved seeing what kinds of walks my dog mom brand ambassadors went on with their Wear Wag Repeat gear!

Anh and Kona from @kona_gdoodle took my Neon Dogs Cropped Sweatshirt out on the town for a doggy/mommy date night! I love taking my dogs out for a special date night, so I loved Ahn’s approach! I also love that Kona is a certified Therapy Dog so he’s sharing lots of dog love with people who need it most.

Another chocolate lab friend, Reagan and her mama Kristin of @hanginwithreagan wore my Midnight Labrador Long Sleeve Shirt out on a chilly fall walk around the neighborhood with lots of leaves and good stuff to sniff! Regan is an English Lab just like my Lucy, and she just has the cutest face, I hope we get to meet some day!

And last, but not least, our very talented friend Milla of @realhappydogs made all of us up north jealous by wearing the Pit Bull Rainforest Tank out on a sunny day. Milla is a talented professional pet photographer (you can listen to her on the very first episode of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast). She brings so much attention to foster and rescue dogs and takes amazing documentary-style photos of REAL HAPPY DOGS!

dog mom instagram influencer wear wag repeat

Where Can You Find the Coolest Dog Mom Gear?

If you don’t know the answer already, then you haven’t been paying attention! I’ll make it super clear for you… Head over to the Wear Wag Repeat Shop where you can order any of the items shown here plus tons more!

For all of the shirts (plus mugs and pillows) keep in mind that the order deadline for Christmas delivery is December 11th. For everything else, I’ll do one last shipping batch on December 20th so you get your goodies before Santa Paws comes down the chimney!

Looking for Wear Wag Repeat promo codes? All of the influencers I collaborated with this year have their own codes! Click over to their posts to find them : )


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