Dog Mom Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Each year I’ve had to get more creative to come up with dog mom Halloween costume ideas that the dogs and I can do together. When it was just Lucy and me, we did a surfer and shark, Dorothy and the lion, and magician and rabbit. Then, for our first Halloween with Burt in the family, we went as the Three Musketeers!

Halloween is the perfect combination of fun, crafting, fashion and theatrics! There’s no other holiday where you get to be so over the top. I feel like it’s made for me. And since Lucy and Burt know how to be dramatic and demand TREATS, it’s made for them, too!

Dog Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

Dog Mom Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

This year I was inspired to re-create one of my favorite childhood movies, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Did you ever realize how dark that movie is? The Evil Queen is one disturbed lady!

I guess my parents never paid attention because they let me watch the movie on repeat when I was a little kid. I watched it so much that one time at the playground a boy kept cutting in front of me in line for the slide and I told him (in my best Evil Queen voice) that if he tried that again I’d cut his heart out!


For my costume with the dogs, I kept it a little lighter. Our take on Snow White, the poison apple and the evil hag is a lot more G-rated than the actual movie!

Everything you need for this group costume:
Snow White Dog Costume (read below for the details on what I bought)
Red Dog Hoodie
Multicolor Felt
Hooded Cape

Dog Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

Dog Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

Snow White Dog Costume

When I got the idea for this costume I started searching for a Snow White costume for Lucy. It was easy to find Snow White for little dogs, but finding costumes for big dogs is always harder! After some research, I discovered that there was one a Snow White costume for big dogs made by Disney. But it’s been discontinued! I searched for it on eBay on the off chance that someone had one… and they did!

This costume comes in three pieces, the front of the “dress” with the sleeves, the back of the “dress” with the stand up white collar and the cute headband with a bow on top.

When I look for dog costumes I always make sure it’s something that doesn’t restrict their walking or (especially) breathing! Lucy was very comfortable in this costume and had no problem walking or running in it.

Dog Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

DIY Apple Dog Costume

For Burt’s poison apple look, I had the same struggle looking for an apple costume for big dogs. They just don’t exist! So I came up with a simple DIY apple dog costume. I ordered a red hoodie (I highly recommend this one, we got the XL), and bought a pack of multicolored felt.

How to Make the Apple Stem:

  1. Take 1 sheet of brown felt and draw a rectangle about the size of the stem you want. Fold it in half so the crease is the top of the stem. Cut it out leaving a little extra at the bottom to sew it onto the hoodie.
  2. With your cutout stem, hand stitch along the 2 sides. Stuff with some leftover felt to give it some shape.
  3. Sew the stuffed stem onto your hoodie.
  4. Take 1 sheet of green felt and cut out 2 leaves. Layer them next to the stem and hand stitch onto the hoodie.

Don’t be intimidated by the sewing, it really just takes about 5 minutes to do it. And after Halloween, you can cut out the stitches and have a normal dog hoodie to enjoy year-round. If you glue the stem on, you won’t really be able to remove it.

Complete the costume: All you need now is a hooded cape and an eyeliner pencil to give yourself crazy eyebrows and a nice big mole on your face! Practice your crazy eyes and hit the streets with this fabulous dog mom Halloween costume!

Make this costume work with one dog: Make this costume work with just one dog by picking up a big red apple from the grocery store. If you want to get crafty, you could paint a skull on the apple just like it appears in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Dog Halloween Costume Idea: Snow White and Poison Apple

More Tricks and Treats for Halloween

Another way that we’re getting in the Halloween spirit this year is by working on some new TRICKS! I recently interviewed Dog Trick Instructor Sassafras Lowrey on my podcast and she inspired me to make time to work on some fun stuff with Burt and Lucy.

Listen to my interview with her to get some great ideas of your own – she suggests working on doggy basketball or teaching your dog to paint! They’re definitely out of the box ideas, and that’s what makes it so fun!

Want to try your luck at some TREATS? Wayfair is hosting a Halloween Pet Photo Contest. Submit a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume for a chance to win a $500 gift card to Wayfair! I already entered!

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Dog Mom Halloween: Snow White and the Evil Hag


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