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Working as a pet nfluencer for about 5 years, I’m proud to be able to influence pet parents to make the most of life with their pets. I get to do that through my dog mom blog and social media. But I get really excited when my dog mom lifestyle is featured in the press because it allows be to reach even more people.

Through my media features in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and others I’ve been able to reach over 6 million people!

Check out a few of my favorite interviews and features below. If you’re a journalist, blogger or podcaster looking for a dog mom lifestyle expert, please reach out. I’d love to chat with you!

Press Features About The Dog Mom Lifestyle

tori mistick wall street journal

Wall Street Journal: What That Pandemic Puppy Will Cost You

This feature from January 2021 is one of my proudest features! A few quotes from the article include: “Tori Mistick, who does podcasts on dog ownership, lives in Pittsburgh with her two 8-year-old chocolate Labrador retrievers, Burt and Lucy. She saves on their food by joining dog-food rewards and loyalty programs. For instance, when she receives a 20%-off coupon, she purchases five bags of food at once.”

“One of Ms. Mistick’s dogs is epileptic, and his medication would normally cost about $300 a month. But she buys his epilepsy meds to control seizures through GoodRx for Pets, an online discounter that offers coupons that lower the price to $60 a month.”

“Many professional groomers have released videos on how to trim nails yourself, which could save you about $15, says Ms. Mistick. She does all her dogs’ grooming herself, saving hundreds of dollars a year.”

Good Morning America: Pet Separation Anxiety

In an episode of Good Morning America that aired on May 2, 2020, Burt showed off some of his separation anxiety and I demonstrated how I use a “goodbye routine” to help the dogs overcome the stress of me leaving the house. This was an especially relevant story after pet owners hadn’t been apart from their pets for months during the Covid quarantine.

We Don’t Deserve Dogs Episode 77

This episode is from May 2021: From the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, it’s mother-of-Labradors Tori Mistick! Her blog is a fountain of info for pet owners, and we have an awesome conversation about rescuing a dog with special needs! Dr. Lisa talks seizures and Richie makes it weird, per usual.

Talking with the Dogs Podcast

In this episode from September 7, 2021, Liz Murdoch chats with Tori Mistick, the ultimate Dog Mom Entrepreneur, podcast host, dog business coach plus one of her chocolate labs, Lucy. Her other dog Burt chatted with Liz on Tori’s Wear Wag Repeat podcast, so now it’s Lucy’s turn. Tori is dedicated to supporting dog moms to live their best life as a parent parent and pet entrepreneur. Lucy chimes is too, allowing Liz to intuitively connect so listeners can experience how an animal communication session works.

Next Pittsburgh: 7 Pittsburgh Businesses Dog Owners Will Want to Know About

Published December 12, 2019: “Award-winning dog blogger — and mom to two Chocolate Labs — Tori Mistick knows everything there is to know about the canine crowd. Last year, she launched an online shop that carries goods for discerning dog moms and their pets.”


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