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Life is so much better when your dog is by your side. I’ve explored dog friendly road trips around the United States, found dog friendly independent shops in all 50 states and put together tips on how to successfully take your dog just about anywhere with you. I’m also discovering the best food, treats and more for your dog to keep them healthy for a long time!

Finding a Dog Friendly Car on Autotrader

Taking a road trip with your dog is one of the greatest experiences a dog mom can have! It’s so special to create new memories together and show your dog cool places around the country. I love taking Lucy and Burt on road trips, especially in the Summer. We recently...

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Dog Friendly Summer Day Trip to Cleveland

Looking for a fun dog-friendly day trip within driving distance of Pittsburgh? I recommend checking out Cleveland! It's just 2 or 3 hours away so you can leave after breakfast and be back home before your dog's bedtime. Clevland has tons of dog friendly things to do...

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Plush Dog Toys for Tough Chewers and Snugglers

If you’re like me, then you have a toy bin full of dog toys in various states of destruction. We have hard chews that are a killer when I accidentally step on them in my bare feet! Then we have stuffed animals, some of whom are deflated and threadbare. Looking at this...

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What’s It Like to Be an Instagram Dog Influencer

I get a ton of questions from people about how I built up my Instagram account to 40,000 followers and what it's like to be an "influencer". I did my first sponsored post back in January 2017, and just this past February I officially went full time with Wear Wag...

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Working With Pets: How to Start A Successful Dog Business

If you're like me, then you've always dreamed of working with pets. Working in the pet industry requires more than just belly rubs and snuggles (most of the time), but being able to take your dog to work is a huge perk! Are you thinking of starting a business in the...

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Pittsburgh Dog Mom’s Day Was A Big Hit!

Our Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day event was a big hit over the weekend! This was the first year that I planned a Dog Mom's Day celebration to coincide with the anniversary of Wear Wag Repeat (which I celebrate every May). I can say for sure that this will not be the last...

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Where to Shop Local for Stella & Chewy’s

I've been feeding the dogs Stella & Chewy's for almost a year now. I love that they make a high-quality food that incorporates raw nutrition in an easy way and the single ingredient treats have made training time a lot more fun for Lucy and Burt! But one of my...

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Where to Celebrate Dog Mom’s Day 2019

Have you heard of Dog Mom's Day? It was founded in 2018 by the creators of Dig, the dog person's dating app. It's now officially listed on the National Days Calendar website as the second Saturday in May. With a day reserved to honor the relationship you have with...

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How To Take Better Dog Photos for Instagram

You know you've thought about it... if your dog doesn't have their own Instagram account, are you even a crazy dog lady? It seems like the first thing a new dog owner does after stocking up on food and enrolling in a training class is to set up their pupper's very own...

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70 Of The Best Dog Friendly Shops Across America

I love taking my dogs with me everywhere, even shopping! There's something so fun about having your pup in the dressing room with you or by your side to pick out the perfect gift. A few months ago I set out to find dog friendly shops across America. I looked for...

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The Best Dog Friendly Airbnbs in Pittsburgh

Are you planning a trip to Pittsburgh? Finding the best dog friendly apartment rentals or hotels can be hard, especially if you have a big dog like I do! I had so many requests from readers for recommendations on where to stay with their dogs when they're in town. So...

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Curious About Stella & Chewy’s Limited Ingredient Diet

Since making the switch to Stella and Chewy's food last year I've been so impressed with their quality ingredients, senior dog adoption awareness efforts and overall care about our favorite family members - our pets! Their newest food is designed just for dogs with...

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Sophisticated Dog Birthday Party Styled Photoshoot

Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? 80% of dog moms do! Ok... I made that number up, but it sounds believable to me. We're usually invited to at least one dog birthday party per month these days. They're often held at dog friendly local breweries. But what if your...

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