I’m pretty lucky that labradors don’t require a lot of grooming. I’ve always done it all pretty much myself. In the summer it’s super easy because I can just wash Lucy outside with the hose. But when it’s cold out and she’s gotten a little too smelly or dirty to handle, I have to toss her in the tub in my bathroom.

the easiest dog bath ever

Washing the dog used to take me all day!

Since I don’t have a handheld shower, I used to use an old tupperware container to pour water over her. With a 70 pound dog that’s a lot of pouring! Once we were done and she shook off, I’d have hair and dirt everywhere and spend another 45 minutes cleaning the whole bathroom. Can you imagine when I had 2 dogs? This was pretty much an all day project!

I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you this is the easiest dog bath ever!

I got this AquaPaw thing for Christmas (thanks mom!) and have been using it all Winter. It comes with a splitter that you attach to your shower head pipe. That way you can still use your regular shower, and when you want to use the AquaPaw you just clip it in and flip the splitter switch. I’m pretty handy, but don’t let that intimidate you… this is incredibly easy to install!

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the easiest dog bath ever

There’s no leaking from the top, I can control the temp just like a regular shower, and when I’m done it takes 2 seconds to unclip and return my shower head to normal!

My favorite part is the silicone strap that goes around your hand and controls the flow of water. Press your fingers into your palm to click the water on and off. You can do it with one hand so you can hold on to your dog with the other hand. This is about 8 million steps up from my old method of dumping water over Lucy with a tupperware container!

the easiest dog bath ever

the easiest dog bath ever

The mitt serves as both a sprayer and a brush.

Another thing that makes this so easy to use is that I can use the sprayer mitt as a brush, too. It got out quite a bit of hair and helped to make sure that all the shampoo was rinsed out of Lucy’s thick coat. I also used it to rinse dog hair off of my free hand several times. It’s almost like having a third hand to help you out. Check out the video below that shows the AquaPaw in action (and the reason why Lucy NEEDED A BATH that day!).

Clean up time reduced from 45 minutes to about 5! I just use the AquaPaw to spray down the whole shower!

One of the most dreaded parts of giving my dog a bath was always the clean up afterwards. As if it wasn’t enough work to wash the actual dog, I had to wash the whole bathroom afterwards. I used to use rags to wipe everything down, but there was always dog hair left behind. I absolutely love how I can use the AquaPaw to spray down the whole shower area when I’m done with Lucy’s bath. I still have to scoop clumps of hair out of the tub and wipe down the other walls, but this saves me soooo much time!

the easiest dog bath ever

Just because Summer is here, I don’t have to stop using the AquaPaw… it will connect to a garden hose, too!

In the Summer I usually move Lucy’s baths outside (see above, less clean up!). But using a garden hose sprayer isn’t the easiest. For water to flow, you always have to hold the handle down. And it can be hard to control the power of the spray. The AquaPaw comes with a separate adaptor to hook it up to a garden hose! I’m excited to give that a try. I’ll let you know how it goes over on Instagram!

the easiest dog bath ever

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