Tori’s Tried and Tested Favorites

I’ve been a dog mom for over 20-years so I know what dog products last and which ones are a pass! My favorites are listed below in a few categories to help you find what you need. I love these products so much that I’m an affiliate partner for some of them. I may earn a small commission when you use my links. Thank you in advance!

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Here’s what I’d buy for a new dog

If you’re bringing home a puppy or adopting an older dog, these are some of the products, treats, and gear that will make this new journey go a little smoother! Check out the lists below and see more in my Amazon storefront.

Training Treats: Zukes Mini Naturals
Kibble: Stella & Chewy’s
Frozen Raw Food: Small Batch
Biothane Leashes: High Tail Hikes *meet the founder
Harness: Ruffwear Front Range Harness
Training Treat Pouch: Wildebeest *meet the founder
Durable Stuffed Toys: Hugglehounds *read my review
Stuffable Food Toy: West Paw Toppl *get Toppl ideas
Lick Mat: Soda Pup
Dog Crate and Pet Gates: Carlson Pet Products *read my review
Eco-Friendly Poop Bags: Doggy Do Good
Paw Wipes: EarthRated Unscented Wipes
Pet Odor + Stain Cleaners: Unique Pet Products
Dog First Aid Kit: Get my list of must-haves

Canine Enrichment toys + tools

As a Certified Canine Enrichment Specialist, these are the products I most often recommend to pet parents who want to give their dogs an enriched life.

These all go great with my Mental Enrichment for Dogs Activity Pack!

Canine Enrichment Puzzle Nina Ottosson

Stuffable Treat Toy: West Paw Toppl
Treat Dispensing Toy for Dry Snacks: Planet Dog Snoop
Long Line Leash: 16, 30 or 50 foot options
Lick Mat: Soda Pup
Durable Enrichment Puzzles: Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound
Elevated Dog Bed: Veehoo on Amazon
Snuffle Mat: Expandable Bowl to Mat
Scentwork Training Kit: Nosey Nose
Dog Agility Starter Kit: PawHut
Burrow Toy: Outward Hound Squirrels


As a professional dog mom, I test tons of products from dog toys to supplements to car ramps. Discover the exact products I trust.
I’m proud to be an affiliate partner for some of these great brands!

Products for well trained pet parents

You already have your favorite treats and basic gear. Here are some next-level products that I’ve tested with Burt and Lucy if you want to take your pet parenting to the next level!

Gear for Adventure Dogs

Are you ready to get into stand up paddleboarding or venturing into the great outdoors for a hike with your pup? I swear by this gear!

Inflatable Paddleboard: Bote Breeze Aero *top 6 list
Dog Life Jacket: Ruffwear Float Coat
Longline Biothane Leash: High Tale Hikes
Tie Out Stake for Picnics, Campfires, Etc: Royal Paw
Cargo Area Cover for SUVs: Kululu
Dog Ramp For Your Car: PetSafe
Bell for Off Leash Hikes: Wilderdog Backcountry Bell
Natural Flea and Tick Spray: Wondercide
Tick Remover: The Original Tick Key
Water Bottle with Built-in Bowl: Springer
My Hiking Boots: Merrell Moab

go play with your dog

Thank you for taking the time to check out my favorite products. I’m passionate about helping women live their best life with dogs and these are a few things that make life a little easier!

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