Growing up in Pittsburgh, I’ve always loved that we get to experience all four seasons to the fullest. It might surprise you to know that Winter is my favorite! There is so much to love about it: the beautiful snow, lots of holidays and my birthday is in January. When I was a teenager I was actually a snowboard instructor at a little mountain resort near us. Now that life has gotten busier and I try to spend my free time with my dog Lucy, our favorite way to stay active in Winter is by hiking and finding new dog friends to play with in the snow!

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Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter

When we get a snow storm I can hardly wait to get out and take Lucy for a walk! In addition to being beautiful to look at, lots of snow covering the ground means there’s no mud to get into! Lucy has a special ability to find mud puddles everywhere we go, so I embrace the snow. This past weekend we went for a hike and ran into so many nice dogs to play with. When it’s cold and snowy you find out who your real dog park friends are! The people and pups who do show up usually love it just as much as we do.

The excitement of it all and the new friends to run around with resulted in Lucy being exhausted for the rest of the day!

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

Dress Right For Winter Dog Walks

One thing to keep in mind if you want to stay active with your dog this Winter is to dress appropriately. This is one time when I dress for function over form! Check out my flannel lined jeans and Sorel boots in the photo above.

Wearing the right layers (and waterproof boots) will keep you happy outside for just as long as your dog! Our Winter hikes are usually about an hour long and we’re both moving the entire time. If I head to the dog park instead it’s usually a little shorter since I get cold just standing there, but it’s so great for Lucy to play and wrestle with the other dogs! It really keeps her active all Winter!

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

Running around in the snow takes more energy than being on a clean trail in the Summer. So I make sure Lucy has a healthy, nutrition packed premium pet food to keep her body at peak performance all season. We’ve been using Nulo food for the past couple months and it’s a great way to give Lucy all the fuel she needs with a grain free, high protein pet food.

Nulo’s formulas provide an industry-leading, animal-based protein level that nourishes growth, repairs muscle and tissue, and enhances the flavor of every recipe. Based on the puddle of drool Lucy leaves on my kitchen floor when I scoop her food for each meal, I can tell it must taste great! Check out Nulo at your local PetSmart or online OR Learn more about Nulo at nulo.com.

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

Our Favorite Way to Stay Active in Winter #HealthierTogether

If you don’t have a hiking trail near you or have any dog buddies to play with, another fun thing Lucy and I have been doing this month to stay active is walking around at night on a Christmas Light tour of the neighborhood. So far, we’ve just been walking around our own neighborhood, but I think it would also be fun to drive someplace new and see their light displays while we both get some exercise.

How do you stay #HealthierTogether with your dog in the Winter?

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