Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Moms and Their Dogs

Since 2020 has been quite a year, this holiday season I want to give extra thoughtful gifts to my dog mom and dog loving friends. While there are tons of cute, functional, and catchy products out there, I did lots of research to find the very best thoughtful dog mom gifts. The ideas in my gift guide below are in every price range and there are options for every kind of dog mom.

Are you looking for a gift for your fashionable dog mom friend? I have unique ideas for you! How about something for the adventurous dog mom and dog duo? There are lots of goodies for them, too, on the 2020 Wear Wag Repeat Gift Guide!

Everything I recommend in this dog lover gift guide are products I’ve personally tried with my labradors, Burt and Lucy. I hope you enjoy our recommendations! If you want even more ideas, you can check out past year’s dog mom gift guides here and here!

At home holidays with dogs

2020 Gift Guide for Dog Moms and Their Dogs

I put extra effort into finding gifts from brands that uphold my own brand values of supporting diversity and sustainability. 70% of the brands featured in this guide are also women-owned businesses!

I want to thank you in advance for shopping small and supporting petpreneurs this holiday season. It might require a little advance planning, but it’s worth it to know that your gift purchase made a small business owner do a little dance with her dog!

Mimi Green Dog Collar Accessories

1. Get Ready for Pet Photos with Santa

Collar Accessories by Mimi Green

Before the holidays even get here, every self-respecting dog mom gets her dog’s photo taken with Santa (or the Grinch!). If you’re going to do some socially distanced photos with Santa this year, show up in style with these gorgeous handmade collar accessories by Mimi Green.

I’m really excited to carry these in the Wear Wag Repeat sho because the first “fancy” dog collar I ever got was from Mimi Green! So this brand always reminds me of my old dog Lola and makes my heart swell!

From flower corsages to a pink velvet bow and wool felt bow tie, there’s something to fit you and your pup’s style! All 4 styles are available in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop.

Silver Honey Stocking Stuffer for Dogs

2: Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Dog Moms

Silver Honey Antimicrobial Spray + Ointment

There’s nothing like the gift of peace of mind, and this new antimicrobial spray and ointment is just what your favorite dog mom needs in her first aid kit! Silver Honey uses natural healing ingredients like medical-grade Manuka Honey, Silver and Calendula to soothe, protect and heal dry itchy winter skin, irritations, nicks, cuts, burns, hot spots, and more. I even use it on cuts on my own hands!

My dogs are both prone to getting hot spots so I’m always on the lookout for anything that will help them heal faster. I was so excited to add Silver Honey to my own first aid kit and highly recommend adding it to your stocking stuffers. This would also be a great gift for your dog walker! Available from Absorbine Pet and on Amazon.

Silver Honey Ointment for Hot Spots


doggy bath mat tall tails copy

3. For the Dog Who’s Always Dirty

Tall Tails Bath Mat

While I love our built-in dog wash, I really took it to the next level with this bath mat from Tall Tails! Burt and Lucy feel so much more comfortable standing in their custom dog wash with this soft loofah-like mat under their paws. Water can run through the mat while it prevents all the dog hair from going down the drain.

Even if you don’t have a custom dog wash like us, this doggy bath mat will make any bath or shower feel like a thoughtfully designed space! If you have a friend who’s always talking about washing her dog (she probably has a Labrador!), then this is a really thoughtful gift that will get used all year! Available from Tall Tails. 

tall tails dog bath mat


Pure Earth Pets Box

4. Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

Pure Earth Pets Box

Being under quarantine and having supply shortages this year has taught me to be extra resourceful! I recycle tons of stuff around my house into busy boxes for the dogs. But taking the next step to purchase from sustainable, eco-friendly pet brands can be difficult to research. That’s exactly why Leanne Baum created Pure Earth Pets!

She was looking for eco-friendly toys and natural treats for her dog Dover and wanted to share what she found with other pet parents. Now you can subscribe and get toys and treats for your pup every month in a fully biodegradable box printed with soy ink. Plus, Leanne and her team support animal rescues each month. Get your 1st month free on a 6-month subscription to Pure Earth Pets off with code WEARWAGREPEAT. 

Pure Earth Pets


Yale Smart Lock Dog Mom Gift

5. Dog Mom Who’s Always Walking Her Dog

Yale Smart Lock

I have a confession to make… I used to lock myself out of my house constantly! It became such a problem that I started looking into smart locks. After months of research, I settled on the Nest x Yale Smart Lock because it would integrate with the Nest app that I already have. I installed this lock in March and absolutely love it! Now I can run out for a quick walk with Burt and Lucy and don’t even need to take keys with me.

Plus, if you have anyone stop by to help with your dog or if you have a regular dog walker, you can set up special codes or even unlock your door remotely through the Nest x Yale app. This would be a little bit of a splurge gift, but considering how useful it is for pet parents, it’s absolutely worth it! Get it at Home Depot or Target.

Be Kind Furever Fun Cult

6. For the Dog Mom Who’s EXTRA

Furever Fring Banner

This glittery, fun fringed banner is a reminder that dog love is “FUREVER”! When I saw the quirky Be Kind and Feminist banners by Fun Cult I had to ask if she would custom make a FUREVER banner just for my Wear Wag Repeat pack!

These banners are designed to be impulsive and fun, yet made to last for many special occasions or as a home decor statement. Personally, I’ll be hanging one over Burt and Lucy’s food and water bowl area! A little fringe and glitter will turn every meal into a special celebration!

These letters will not crease, bend, bleed, or worse yet, tear. If you choose to hang the banner outside or over your dog’s dinner bowl, a little drizzle will not harm it. Basically, this FUREVER banner is drool proof!

Be Kind Furever Banners


Radley Purses with Dog Print

7. Fashionable Dog Mom

Radley London Purse + Accessories

Handsfree purses are a must-have for any dog mom! While I love my fanny packs, sometimes I want a different look. I fell in love with these purses from Radley London because they’re practical, stylish, and feature little doggy details! I had the solid black leather Devonport Mews crossbody bag with me at my friend’s house recently and she said, “Is there even a little dog on your purse?!” Of course there is! I’m that dog mom!

The all-over print Dotty Dog collection is also fabulous because it’s an easy to clean material. The print happens to go with almost everything I wear, too. Although the style I have here is sold out, I’d love the backpack for an outing with the dogs. In love with these but on a budget? Check out the little zippered bag charm in Golden Retriever, Black Lab or Frenchie!

Radley Dog Purse Detail


Simply Sage Calming Paw Balm

8. Self Care Obsessed Dog Mom

Simply Sage Calming Paw Balm

If you have a dog mom on your holiday list who loves treating herself to manicures, massages and luxurious bath salts, then why not gift her with something to share the self care with her pup? I think a good, all-natural paw balm is a must for every dog mom and my new favorite is by Simply Sage. I love it so much that now I carry it in my online shop!

This Calming Paw Balm will help soothe dry, cracked, and flakey paw pads so they are moisturized and protected against water, salt, ice, and other extreme weather conditions. The biggest reason I love this paw balm? Burt and Lucy don’t try to lick it all off immediately! It’s lick-safe, so even if they do I don’t have to worry. But I’d rather get it on their paws than on their tongue! Find it in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop.

Lovely Earthlings Dog Print

9. Dog Mom Who Wishes She Had 10 Dogs

Lovely Earthlings Print

I fell in love with artwork by Karina of Lovely Earthlings when I was looking for a black woman dog mom artist to collaborate with this Winter. Karina is in such high demand that we’ll have to hold off on working together until 2021, but I still want to share her delightful artwork with you!

I really love this dog walker print so much because it portrays a super-fabulous dog mom and includes so many little details like the little dog on her head and BARK spelled out on her shoes. This would be a great gift for any dog mom, especially your dog walker or that friend who not-so-secretly wishes she had 10 dogs! Available on Etsy.

Noble Friends Shop Dog Wrapping Paper

10. Wrap all your doggy Gifts in style

Noble Friends Custom Wrapping Paper

Even the simplest gifts become special with custom wrapping paper! I’ve been a big fan of Noble Friends Shop for a few years and can’t still can’t get over how adorable the custom wrapping sheets are. Just look at Lucy’s cute face on this paper!

Once you have a portrait done by Caroline at Noble Friends Shop, you can order a variety of one of a kind goodies throughout the year. In the summer she creates big beach towels featuring your dog’s portrait!

If you don’t have enough lead time to get a portrait done this year and get your custom wrapping sheets, consider giving a custom pet portrait as a gift to your favorite dog mom! Then she can order all kinds of fabulous things from Noble Friends Shop all year!

Carolynn Lemke - Noble Friends Shop


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*this post contains sponsored content and affiliate links. I only recommend products and brands that I believe in and trust. 


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