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There’s been a major shift in the world and everyone is trying to figure out how they can continue to run their business online. In the pet industry, this is a challenge since many of us rely on working face to face with dogs and their people. If you’re not able to do that, how can you grow your business, stay in touch with customers and or generate income? Is there a way to grow your pet business during quarantine?

quarantine ideas to grow your pet business

Can You Run a Pet Business From Home?

Over the last 4 years, I’ve grown Wear Wag Repeat into my full-time business from my home completely online through file sharing, email software and video conferencing. I understand how many of my friends in the pet industry feel right now.  Trying to figure out how to keep things running by yourself at home is hard. I’ve been there! But I’m a 1-woman team, and if I can do it, I know you can, too.

One thing that keeps me going in a virtual business is coming up with creative ways to reach customers using online tools. It’s amazing what you can create when you think off-leash (that’s my version of outside-the-box). 

I want to help you harness your creative ideas and find a way to make this downtime as productive as possible. I think that this is our time to build. It’s time to take a hard look at what you’ve been doing and find ways to do it even better – ideally with an online component!

Learn how to grow your pet business from home

How to Use Online Tools To Grow Your Pet Business

On April 9th, I hosted a free online workshop (watch the REPLAY HERE) about how to grow your pet industry business online. In this live online event, I’ll tell you all about the proven systems that I use to grow my customer base, strengthen my position in the pet community and generate revenue without leaving the house!

If you’re a dog walker, groomer, trainer, shop owner or have a doggy daycare… you might not think that you can grow your business online. But I have so many creative ideas and I’m going to walk you through how you can implement them during self-isolation, social distancing and stay-at-home orders. 

In the Grow Your Pet Biz Online Workshop, you will learn:

  1. How you can use free online tools to create virtual products
  2. Why this is the PAWfect time to build up your reputation as a pet expert
  3. Off-leash ideas on ways you can keep making money while working virtually

Pet adoptions were up 70% in March! And while there may not be a need for many pet goods and services right this moment, I know that need will arise in the future. We can be smart about how we use this time to share our expertise with the pet parent community. That way, when businesses open up again, you will be at the top of their mind!

A quote that I heard on the news last week really brought this point home for me:

 “We all have to do what we do best, and that’s how we’re going to get through this.”

Pet parents need us to keep doing what we’re doing. And for the American economy to re-build, we need to run our businesses. Basically, the country needs you to do what you do best!

working from home for your dog business

Free Online Workshop for Pet Pros

If you’re still not sure if this workshop applies to you, ask yourself how many of these things apply to you:

  • You want to keep supporting the customers that you love (and who love you back!)
  • You know that your online efforts could be improved
  • You need a boost of creative ideas for what you can do right now to grow your pet business online

If any of those statements resonate with you, I encourage you to watch the replay while it’s available for a limited time. I’ll present you with a ton of great ideas and show you how to implement them.

–> Click here to watch the Workshop Replay!

grow your pet business at home

can you grow your pet biz from home

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