Dog Mom Review: Happy Go Healthy Brilliant Bites Supplements

Does your dog need extra nutritional support? Don’t overlook their immune health! I got the chance to try a new line of pet supplements called Happy Go Healthy Brilliant Bites Supplements. They address a range of concerns (like itchy skin or digestive issues) with immune health at their core!

I’ve been testing the Gut Health and Skin & Coat formulas with Burt and Lucy for the past few months. I’ve really noticed a difference in their health! I love that they both contain probiotics and prebiotics that support gut and immune health. I was also excited to learn something new about calcium derived from seaweed and why it’s so healthy for my dogs! 

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One of the best things about these supplements is that they’re easy to feed. They aren’t oil or powder, so we can use them with our snuffle mats and other enrichment toys. 

This post is sponsored by Happy Go Healthy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. At Wear Wag Repeat, I only write about products and brands I truly love.

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Is Gut Health Important for My Dog?

A healthy gut and digestive tract means my dog can absorb all the nutrients in their food better. It’s important to think about gut-centric nutrition! But you don’t have to think too hard, Happy Go Healthy makes it easy!

Brilliant Bites Gut Health Supplement is full of probiotics, prebiotics and organic kelp that support a healthy gut microbiome and microflora. This is the supplement I’ve been giving Lucy for the past few months. 

Thanks to Happy go Healthy, I got to learn about the benefits of Icelandic Seaweed. Seaweed contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals that support healthy bones, joints and gut health. I discovered that Seaweed-derived calcium is actually easier to absorb than regular calcium! 

Dog Supplement Review

Supplement for Labradors

Brilliant Bites Skin & Coat Supplement For My Itchy Dog

My rescue dog Burt is known to have a few minor skin issues. He can be a little itchy and last fall he had dry skin build-up around the base of his back. There are a few things I’ve been doing to solve those skin problems for him

First, I add water to his food! This is a simple trick that helps your dog digest their food without having to pull moisture from other parts of the body (like their skin!). 

Second, I started using the Brilliant Bites Skin & Coat Supplement from Happy Go Healthy. One of the things I love about this supplement is that as soon as I open the bag I can smell the fish oil! It smells so fresh!

What supplement is good for dogs

The main ingredients that give this supplement its superpowers are Salmate® and flax seeds. Both of those are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that give dogs healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Dog Supplements that are Snuffle Mat Friendly

Since I like to feed Burt and Lucy their dinner on a snuffle mat or hidden in the layers of a busy box, we can’t use powered or liquid supplement supplements for those meals. What a mess that would be!

I love that the Brilliant Bites supplements are formulated as a food topper that I can easily scoop up and add to snuffle mats, busy boxes or any other kind of enrichment puzzle. I’m so much more consistent with Lucy and Burt’s supplements now that they’re so easy to incorporate into our routine. 

Gut Health Dog Supplement

Skin and Coat Dog Supplement

Meet the Dog Obsessed People Behind Happy Go Healthy

As a conscious dog mom consumer, I like to know the back story of the people creating my favorite pet products. I want to know if they’re just as obsessed with dogs as I am and what fuels their passion for the pet industry! 

Happy Go Healthy has a family-run vibe thanks to co-founders Malcolm Ballard and Luke Dolan.  I got to chat with Malcolm’s daughter Claire who is the Marketing Director for the brand.  Claire shared that she grew up with a black lab named Meg (I love meeting other lab lovers!). Everyone at the company shares a mission to make the lives of people and their pets more brilliant!

Happy Go Healthy Topper

I do all this research and testing and talk to the people who create products for our dogs so that you can trust my recommendations. 

Available Happy Go Healthy Brilliant Bites Formulas You Can Try:
Hip & Joint – supports bone & joint health
Skin & Coat – supports glossy coat & skin health
Daily Wellness – supports energy & immune health
Gut Health – supports digestive & immune health
Calm – supports steady, balanced behavior

>> Browse all the formula’s on their website!

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