Are you feeling festive yet? Christmas and many other winter holidays are right around the corner. Over the weekend, I took Lucy for her annual photo with Santa at Petagogy.  I’ve been going there for photos with Santa since before Lucy was even born! Each year I order an ornament of the photo and I can’t wait to hang this new one next to ones with Lola and Lucy together, and one of just Lola!

Holiday DIY Dog Bowtie Workshop with Popcraft

Holiday DIY Dog Bowtie Workshop

Part of getting ready for photos with Santa was making a special bow tie for Lucy to wear in her photo. You might recognize this bowtie from a summer workshop I co-hosted with Popcraft. Well, it got a fabulous winter makeover! (P.S. Major applause to Bark & Gold Photography for taking amazing photos!)

If you want to get your paws on your very own adorable festive accessory, I’m teaming up with Popcraft and Petagogy to host 2 more bowtie workshops this season! Petagogy has two locations in the Pittsburgh area, and I’m so excited that we’re offering this workshop at both locations.

Holiday DIY Dog Bowtie Workshop with Popcraft

What Happens at The Workshop?

First, you will pick out the fabric and leather you will use to create your bow tie. Then, you’ll be using a template to cut your materials to the perfect size for your pup. Then you’ll put everything together and finish the bow with an elastic band for easy attachment to your dog’s collar. All the supplies and instruction will be provided by Popcraft and Wear Wag Repeat.

And since there ain’t no party like a crafting party, we’ll have some refreshments and BYOB is also welcome!

Workshop at Petagogy Shadyside
Monday, November 20th @ 7pm
Sign up here!

Workshop at Petagogy Greensburg
Thursday, December 7th @ 7pm
Sign up here!

Holiday DIY Dog Bowtie Workshop with Popcraft

Holiday DIY Dog Bowtie Workshop with Popcraft

Keep an eye on my Instagram account, I’ll be sharing some of the fabrics we have for the workshop… they are SO CUTE!


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