How to Make a Flower Crown For Your Dog (and Yourself!)

If you thought that flower crowns for dogs were just a passing trend… you were seriously mistaken! Dog flower crowns are still going strong 5 years after I did my original Flower Crowns for Dogs post! That post has been viewed tens of thousands of times and gone completely viral on Pinterest.

To celebrate 5 years of flower crown fabulousness with my dogs, I made updated versions and took photos of how I assemble the crowns.

As I write this, Spring is right around the corner. What a great time to learn how to make a flower crown for your dog (and yourself!) and take advantage of all the new blooms that are popping up. Of course, there’s no bad time of year to make this craft. I bought my flowers from Trader Joe’s in the middle of winter.

How to make a flower crown for your dog (and yourself!)

How to Make a Dog Flower Crown

For my original flower crown, I took a class at a local florist shop. This time around, I made the flower crowns at home so I was able to take photos of all my supplies. I’m excited to share a more detailed tutorial on how to make a flower crown for your dog. This time I actually made two flower crowns so the dogs could wear one and I could wear my own. I love a good twinning moment!

Supplies for your Dog Flower Crown

DIY flower Crown supplies

How Prep the Flower Crown

Make sure that your finished flower crown will fit your dog’s head. You don’t want it to be too big, or too small. It should rest on top of their head. If your dog has ears that stick up, you might want to angle the crown so one ear is inside and one is outside.

To measure the wire, just wrap the wire around your dog’s head until you think you have the right size. Keep track of where that would be on the wire, but don’t cut yet! Make the wire about 2 inches longer on each side, then you can cut it.

With the extra length at the end, make a loop and wrap the wire around itself. When you’re all done, you’ll use the ribbon to tie these loops together.

Once you have the basic loop of wire done, wrap the whole thing in floral tape. This will give a sticky and secure base to wrap all of your flower bunches around.

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DIY flower crown for your dog tutorial

How to Prep Your Flowers for the Crown

This is a tip I learned in the floral design class I took, and I think it makes for really beautiful flower crowns! Prep all of your flowers by cutting the stems to about 2-3 inches long. Then sort them into little bundles. I chose to make 2 different versions of mini-bouquets.

For my crowns, one mini bouquet version had a coral rose, bluebell type flower and a piece of the purple cabbage plant leaf. The second version had a purple and green daisy, a mini rose and bluebells.

Once you figure out the combos, make a bunch of these mini bouquets! I precut little strips of floral tape to make it easier. Just wrap the stems of every mini bouquet until you have about 15 of each. They will look like little boutonnieres. In my experience, you’re going to need more than you think!

dog in a flower crown

How to Assemble Your Dog’s Flower Crown

Once you have the wire for the crown prepped and all of your mini bouquets ready, it’s time to put it all together!

Start at one end of your wire loop and attach one of the mini bouquets by wrapping more floral tape around the stems and the wire. For the next bouquet, use the other version so that the two different styles alternate around the crown. This will make it so that the colors and volume are balanced when you’re done.

Stack the bouquets so each one overlaps the stems of the previous one. You want your flower crown to be nice and lush!

About halfway through you can add some statement pieces like a little wavy branch, a long stem full of flowers or one big dramatic flower. Have fun with it!

When all of the wire is covered in flowers, finish it off by lacing your ribbon through the two loops your left at the ends. Tie it in a knot to secure it, then tie a bow to make it look pretty.

Flower crown for your dog

Photographing your Dog Flower Crown

Now that you have this beautiful flower crown, you need to take some great photos of you and your dog modeling it! The key to having your dog pose in the crown is to get them to stay as still as possible. So if your dog has a lot of energy, take them for a long hike before the photoshoot!

I love taking flower crown photos at an old walled garden near my house. I think the antique vibe of the garden goes really well with the flower crowns. You could also go for more of a festival vibe and pretend your dog is at Coachella on a fun blanket under a tree.

No matter what vibe you go for, patience is the biggest key to success! I always like to let my dog get settled and take our time with photos like this. Sometimes the best photos are the ones I get after I’ve pretty much given up!

If you’d like more advice on photographing your dog, I’ve interviewed some of the best dog photographers in the world on the Wear Wag Repeat podcast! Check out interviews with Nicole Begley, Kristen Kidd, Terran Bayer, Angie House and Milla Chappell.

Make it a DIY Flower Collar

While flower crowns for dogs are going anywhere, one way to put a spin on this trend is to make it a flower collar! I love the idea of a flower collar because your dog can walk around in it and it won’t fall off like a crown would.

A flower collar would be beautiful for a photoshoot. And if your dog is part of your wedding, this is the perfect accessory for them to fit in with your big day!

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Great photos last a lifetime and remind you of every sweet moment with your pup! My free e-book teaches you how to take professional style photos using just your phone.

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How Long will a Flower Crown Last?

If you make a flower crown with fresh flowers, you can make it last for 2-3 days with these tips. As soon as I’m done, I store my flower crown in the refrigerator. I put the crown on a dinner plate and pour a little water on the plate. I don’t want the flowers submerged in water, but I want to make sure they have plenty of humidity.

To make your flower crown last furever, you can use faux flowers. A few of my favorites available on Amazona are these lavender, succulents and peonies. They would all be great in a flower crown!

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DIY Flower Crowns for dog mom twinning DIY Flower Crowns for dog mom twinning

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