HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

Fall is officially here! That means it’s time to pull out everything cozy like plaid blankets, soft sweatshirts, fuzzy socks and… HuggleFleece! Burt and Lucy got to play with the brand new HuggleFleece Men and signature HuggleFleece Mat, both from HuggleHounds. 

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

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Meet the HuggleFleece Men

The moment I brought out the HuggleFleece Men both dogs fell in love with them. There’s a reason why HuggleHounds calls them “Mr. Right”. They’re strong yet soft, stylish yet comfortable, stoic yet impossibly fun! That’s way better than any men I’ve found on Bumble! #dogsbeforedudes

Anyhow… The HuggleFleece Men prepared for a long term relationship with Burt and Lucy! All the HuggleHounds toys we’ve played with for the past few months have been a great combination of soft yet tough. But these guys might be the most durable yet! 

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

Since they don’t have any leg, arm or neck seams there’s less opportunity to rip them apart. Burt prefers tossing these up in the arms and whipping them around instead of ripping them apart. The super-dense synthetic lambswool is fun to nuzzle and chew on, but it’s really thick and doesn’t come off (as much as Burt has tried)!

These guys come in two sizes and while both are equally fun, the super size one makes for a great pillow and snuggle buddy for big dogs like mine. 

They also come in two colors, natural and grey. The natural definitely shows off all the Burt and Lucy hairs he’s collected in the last week! But I shook him out outside and he was back to his dapper self. 

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

Sleepy Dog Approved: HuggleFleece Mat

Burt and Lucy got another great thing from the HuggleFleece collection, the HuggleFleece Mat. It’s made out of the same super dense synthetic lambswool as the toys, so it’s also soft and snuggly. And it’s surprisingly cushy, I guess because the heavyweight knitted polyester fleece is just so dense. It’s nearly 2” thick and designed with the protection of your dog’s joints in mind. 

When I step on it it feels like walking on a cloud. So you can imagine that the dogs love sleeping on it! 

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

As a matter of fact, the other night I was making dinner for myself in the kitchen with Burt. I wondered where Lucy was. I looked outside on the back porch, she wasn’t there. I looked on the couch, but no Lucy there either. 

So I looked in the front room and there she was stretched out and sleeping on the HuggleFleece Mat! I had taken her to volunteer as a Therapy Dog that afternoon so she was extra tired and found the comfiest place in the house!

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

The Benefits of a Synthetic Lambswool Dog Bed

Has your dog ever been the victim of an “exploding bed”? You know what I mean… when you come home to find stuffing all over the place and your dog looking around innocently! This mat doesn’t have any stuffing and has minimal seams. That’s a conscious design choice from HuggleHounds! 

They know that a lot of dogs like to rip at seams, zippers or anything they can get a hold on. This mat is specially designed to prevent that. Since it’s not stuffed that also means it won’t get clumpy in the washing machine

The fleecy synthetic lambswool that this mat is made out of is also moisture-wicking and dries quickly. That makes it easy to machine wash and keep clean for dogs of all ages. By washing it, this mat will become softer with time. 

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

Is HuggleFleece Right for Your Dog?

Does your dog like to cuddle? Do they like soft things? Do they like napping? I’m gonna guess YES to all three! In that case, I think they will love anything from the HuggleFleece collection

HuggleFleece is naturally hypoallergenic and stain-resistant, and the HuggleFleece Mat is extremely convenient to take along wherever you and your pet go.

Check them out for yourself at one of the independent shops that carry HuggleHounds. The store locator on their website is the best way to find where to shop. Take your dog with you and let them pick out their favorite!

You can also order the HuggleFleece Men from the HuggleHounds from their website or you can find the HuggleFleece Mat on Amazon. I’m predicting these will be on many holiday wish lists this year! You might want to send Santa a link!

HuggleFleece Fall Dog Toys + Mat

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Meet the Huggle Fleece Men HuggleHounds

Meet the Huggle Fleece Men HuggleHounds Meet the Huggle Fleece Men HuggleHounds


  1. Mia Moo

    Gotta get some of these

    • Tori

      I think your dogs would love them as much as we do!

  2. Brittany Johnston

    Love this post!! Fun and safe toy for my Sage:) I’ll definitely be getting her some for fall!

    • Tori

      Awesome! They’re really great, lab tested and approved!

  3. Delaney/ @flynndaussie

    My dog would love this! I wouldn’t mind snuggling up to one either! Hahah

    • Tori

      Right?! It’s so cozy! I was hanging out on the mat with the dogs last night.


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