If you have been on Instagram in the past few days you know that they are changing their algorithm. And people are losing. their. shit. Despite what everyone is saying I’m here to tell you why I’m not turning on post notifications. Let’s be smart #girlbosses about this and look at what Instagram is trying to do. They want to show you more content that you like, and less content that you don’t like. Sounds pretty good to me!

New Instagram Algorithm

I’m working on posting more consistent, high quality photos showing fashion, dogs + DIY.

I recently caught a Periscope from Freshly Picked and she is totally on the same page as me. If you turn on notifications (which everyone is trying to tell you to do), you’ll get an alert for every single one of the posts from that account. You phone will ding every time that person posts. Turn on notifications for just a few people and your phone will be blowing up, completely draining your battery.  The kicker is that turning on notifications won’t really impact the algorithm of what posts you see unless you interact with that account. Props to Freshly Picked for pointing that out!

The best way to curate your own feed and make sure you see what you want is to like and comment on the things you want to see more of, and don’t interact with posts you don’t like. As a blogger or small business, comment back and engage with people as much as you can. Repost user generated content and call out some of your active followers to build engagement.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it doesn’t separate users based on people vs. brands, on Instagram every account is equal. So, the more you interact with a certain profile the more posts you’ll see from that profile, no matter if it’s a person or a brand. This is actually really good news for small businesses and bloggers! We’ll be able to tell which of our posts are good based on likes and comments so we can build better content for our followers. (Are you looking at your insights on Facebook and Google Analytics? All that data is priceless and it looks like it might be coming soon to IG).

Since users will now be curating their feeds based on what they like the most, its more important than ever to post consistent content. Aim for similarly styled original photos highlighting what you and your blog or business is all about. I also hear that Instagram doesn’t like images with text right in them, so try to only post photos and type what you want to say into the comments below.  You should also be consistent with when you post. Once or twice a day is a good practice, any more than that and personally I don’t think it’s giving you a higher return. Quality over quantity, people!

Thanks to Freshly Picked and for inspiring me to write this post!

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