Our June BarkBox arrived last week and it was full of yummy natural treats, a giant bone and a new stuffable toy. This was our third BarkBox, and so far I’m really impressed with the items they send us. The treats are generally organic and natural, and the toys are engaging and (mostly) durable.


This month we got Green Juice treats from Bocce’s Bakery. The people at Bocce’s are really great – they generously provided treats at wholesale for the Bark Shadyside program I organized in Shadyside. Bocce’s Bakery treats are in all the dog-friendly businesses in the neighborhood! These treats are much greener out of the bag, and Lola & Lucy seemed to love them!

Bocce's Bakery

We also got this stuffable rubbery eggplant which Lucy absolutely adored as soon as it came out of the box! It’s not even stuffed with any treats, but she loved it anyhow.

Lucy With her new Toy

BarkBox Bone

Grill Treats

Lola & Lucy

Lucy grabs a treat

Lucy lost her patience for my photoshoot and went in for the kill. Look how good Lola is waiting patiently for her treat! These Grill-icious treats were really nice, almost like a freeze dried piece of beef. They seem very natural and good for the dogs. Plus, they’re also made in the USA. Love it!

If you haven’t checked out BarkBox yet, I suggest to subscribe for at least a couple months. They have different boxed for different sized dogs (we get the biggest dog size!). BarkBox has not compensated me for this post, but if you use this link to place your order, you’ll get $5 off and Lola & Lucy will get a free box.


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