I have been meaning to write a recap post to reflect on everything I accomplished with Wear Wag Repeat in 2017. It was a major year for me, my blog and Lucy, too! Check out my most popular posts from the blog and Instagram and read to the very end to find out what my personal favorite was. What I love most about looking back at 2017: best of Wear Wag Repeat is that most of the posts line up with my proudest accomplishments of the year like winning an award, starting a podcast and growing my Instagram coaching business!

How I Hit 10,000 Instagram Followers

How I Hit 10,000 Instagram Followers

This continues to be one of my most popular posts. Since I’ve published it I’ve more than doubled my following, as of today I have almost 28,000 people following my stylish dog mom posts, and to think, when I started I had no idea how to save instagram pictures! Shocking right? Growing my followers has been worth it, even if it meant I had to spend every day figuring out how I was going to make this possible. Many bloggers and businesses find the use of social media to play a massive part in the way they interact with their audience. With it being as simple as sending instagram direct messages online or sending out a tweet to let followers know what you’re up to, social media can connect so many people from one part of the world to the other. Even having access to potentially talk to celebrities like Kim Kardashian through social media is pretty exciting too. It is important to use this to your advantage, which means if you have to look into using the services of digital marketing companies like NGP Integrated Marketing Communications, take this opportunity. You don’t have to feel like you have to do everything on your own, especially with the rise of technology. There is nothing you cannot do in this digital age. You’ll be able to find an effective way of growing you followers on social media. This post showed me that a ton of people want to know how I’ve built such a big, devoted following. Thanks to that I actually created an online course and Instagram coaching packages under the name InstaMistick. Check it out and sign up for my emails over there because the course will be opening up for enrollment again soon!

Best Apps for Dog Moms

I had so much fun putting together this post and have updated it a few times throughout the year when I find new fabulous apps that are geared towards dog moms. One of my favorites continues to be Puppr because I have dreams of Lucy doing amazing tricks! Check out the post and let me know which one is your favorite.

Halloween Couples Costume With Your Dog: Surfer + Shark

Halloween Couples Costume With Your Dog Surfer Girl and Shark

I absolutely LOVED all three of my Halloween costume posts, but the fan favorite is definitely Surfer Girl and Shark. I think people loved this because it’s a homemade costume and very inexpensive to make, yet it looks great! Lucy was so stinking cute as a little shark. If you loved this one, don’t miss Dorothy and The Lion and Rabbit and Magician, too. Pin now so you have them next Halloween!

Frozen Watermelon Treats

Make Frozen Watermelon Treats That Your Dog will Love

These treats were a big hit in my house! Although I made them for Lucy, I totally tried them myself. All they contain is fresh watermelon and coconut oil, so they are very healthy. This post contains some some of my favorite photos of the year.

Podcast Episode 1: Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs

Interview with Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs

This post is really important to me because it’s the first show notes post for the podcast I started in 2017! On the podcast I interview women entrepreneurs who are making it work with their dogs. I have met some amazing women through the show and I’m so happy that I started it! You can listen to all of Season 1 on iTunes and look out for Season 2 starting up on January 17, 2018!

Most Popular Instagram Post

First Snow With Up Country

This was my first post to get over 2,000 likes! I’m pretty excited about that. But even more important than likes, I just absolutely love this photo. I had taken Lucy out to the park to photograph her swanky new coat from UpCountry, and when we got home she just posed on the front steps like this. I pulled my camera out and captured the best shot of the day! I love when that happens.

My Favorite Post: What It Feels Like To Have An Award Winning Blog

What It Feels Like To Have An Award Winning Dog Blog

My favorite post, actually my favorite moment, of 2017 was about winning the award for Best Pet Blog Design at the Blog Paws conference. It’s been my dream to blog about the life I have with my dog and getting this award, even just going to the conference, validated that my dreams are becoming reality! It’s so special to be around a group of like minded people who are eager to support each other. You can read more about my feelings on that post, check out the video diary of our trip to the conference at the end!

A big thank you to Sarah Collins of Rose Colored Creative who did so much of the photography for my blog this year. Investing in great photos is one of the best things I could have done!

Goals for 2018

I love looking back at the best posts of 2017 because it makes me realize how much I can do in a year! Time to think of some lofty goals for 2018. I would love to speak at a national conference about the expertise I have developed in dog blogging and social media. I would love to host more in-person events. And the big time dream for 2018 is to appear on national television with Lucy! I would love to share a stylish dog mom craft with the whole country!

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