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You love sharing recipes, DIYs and fun tips with your dog mom friends. I bet you’re always looking for ways to create a more beautiful life with your dog. The memories you make and the amazing photos you take will last forever!

Sign up for the Make It Wag subscription and it’s up to you how many amazing things you’ll make for you and your dog! My DIYs include things like custom message welcome mats, coordinating mom/dog accessories, giftable treat boxes to share with your furiends, and more!

Make things you can be proud of while creating more memories with your dog.

You know that look your dog gives you when you are playing on your phone while watching TV at night? They’re thinking, “Hey mom! play with me!” Lucy gives me that look all the time! This year I finally got a wakeup call, put my phone down and started using some of my downtime to make crafts and recipes that Lucy and I can both enjoy.


Subscribers will receive easy to follow step-by-step printable instructions for each project, exclusive video tutorials, and a custom Amazon shopping list for each project. Just download the instructions, click to order the items you need from the shopping list, and you’ll be ready to DIY dog-mom approved projects by the weekend! Everything is designed for all skill levels, so both novice and experienced crafters will enjoy creating these. If you’re not accustomed to making things, just wait until you finish a project to see how many compliments you get – that’s the best part!


Here’s What You’ll Get


Reposts on Social Media: I love to highlight my subscribers! By using hashtag #makeitwag I’ll repost your photos on my own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This means more exposure for you, your pup and your growing DIY expertise! I’ve built a wonderfully engaged community of like minded dog moms online, and I want to include you in it, too!

DIY Dog Mom

When you talk to fellow dog moms at the park or online, you can see that everyone goes to extreme lengths to do things for their pups! You’ve seen girls holding their dogs at the park because the dog’s feet were getting cold (OK, that might have been me!), you know dog moms who celebrate their fur baby’s birthday each year, and raise your hand if you’ve ever attended a dog halloween parade or party. Everyone loves to do special things with their dog, but not everyone has the time to come up with ideas and hunt down supplies to make crafts or recipes for their dogs.


This subscription is perfect for any dog parent out there, regardless of your DIY ability. I’m a solid 3 on the DIY scale, but I’ve managed to finish all these projects with ease thanks to the step by step directions and incredibly helpful videos. Tori makes DIY fun and easy – not to mention the extra time spent with my pup has been a win win.

Staci West

Blogger + Dog Mom to Kendall, Lattes & Lipstick

Each project is created with you and your dog in mind. Not only will you enjoy making the crafts and recipes, but your dog will be able to get involved in some of them, too! Some of my favorite projects I’ve completed with Lucy by my side are Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dogs, Concrete Dog Bowl Holders and Pom Pom Gladiator Sandals with Matching Dog Collar. All of these projects got a ton of attention on my social media, so consider them built in content to send your own likes through the roof!

DIY Projects for Dogs



My DIY Metal Stamped Dog Tag video gives you an idea of the content and projects that will be included in your subscription!

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