I’m always taking outfit posts around my apartment in Pittsburgh, indoors and out, and any recipe posts I do usually feature some little corner of my little kitchen. So I figured I might as well share with you a full look at mi casa. Someone asked me recently what my interior design style is, and for once I was speechless, I don’t really know how I would describe my look. Maybe you have an idea? Let me know!

I got these imitation Louis Ghost Chairs in the Springtime and absolutely LOVE them! They are too cool, and work perfectly with this hand me down Ikea table and the white framed doggy photos above the mantle.

Decorating a small urban apartment

Lola loves to lounge in the sunshine that comes in through the back door. Those CIAO letters are from Anthropologie, I think they look really cute on top of the fridge and I love how you can see them from all the way across the apartment.

Decorating a small urban apartment

My little kitchen! Host to many culinary experiments, both for humans and canines! The polka dot rug is another Ikea find (it cost less than $30 so I can easily replace it when it gets too stained from food spills and muddy paws!).

Decorating a small urban apartment

Since the living room is a pass through space, you need to walk through it to get to my sunny office at the front of the house, I couldn’t really do a coffee table. Instead a console table behind the couch and a few side table provide plenty of surfaces for drinks and magazines.

Decorating a small urban apartment

This has been such a great office space to work in! It’s basically a sun room at the front of the house overlooking the street. This has fueled my nosy-neighbor tendencies because I can watch everything that happens out there! In order to actually get work done I usually have to pull some of the shades so I can see my computer screen, but I love how bright this room is! My 4th Ghost Chair is the perfect perch for visitors : )

Decorating a small urban apartment

My bedroom is on the top floor of the house – there’s another bathroom up here, my ginormous walk in closet, and an extra room that used to be a second office. In the Spring time I did a little bedding refresh with the grey and coral pillows. I love this color combo! Next to my bed is a photo of Lola and I in a matching coral frame.

Decorating a small urban apartment glam bedroom

And the piece de resistance… my giant closet! When I moved in to this place (I am the first tenant since it was renovated), the landlord just had 3 flimsy rolling racks in here… that wasn’t going to work. So I had a local closet company and build this out for me. The height is perfect for skirts, folded pants, tops and short dresses. i have an additional full length hanging space that holds long dresses and pants hung by the waist band. I also have a few spots where I keep my shoes. It’s great to have natural light in the closet!

Decorating a small urban apartment walk in closet

I also really wanted to share these photos with you guys since I’m going to be moving later this month! Woo Hoo! More on that later when it’s officially official. By the way, this gem still isn’t rented out, check out the listing on Craigslist for my sublet and for my landlord’s full new lease. Feel free to share with anyone you know in Pittsburgh!


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