One of the best parts about being a dog mom lifestyle blogger is the amazing community of pet bloggers that I get to be a part of. This is such a supportive group of people brought together by our love of pets. When I saw that Go Pet Friendly was hosting another Pet Blogger Challenge I knew I had to jump on board.

This is the 9th year that pet bloggers have been teaming up to share our success and make goals for what we want to do with our blogs moving forward. It’s been really great read everyone else’s entries so far (you can find them all listed at the bottom of this post) and share my own story as a dog mom blogger.

What I love most about reading the other entries is seeing where there might be an opportunity for me to help another blogger. We all have so much knowledge about blogging, social media and the pet industry as a whole. Why not share it so we can create more dog lovers in the world?

9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

Making It As A Dog Mom Lifestyle Blogger

For those who may be visiting you blog for the first time, how long have you been blogging and what is your main topic?

If you’re new here… welcome! I’ll be celebrating 6 years of Wear Wag Repeat this May. I actually had another blog about 10 years ago that was all about eco-friendly fashion, but that only lasted a couple years.

Now I blog about living the dog mom lifestyle! That means all the style, home decor, travel, recipes, DIYs, hotels, gadgets and events that I make it possible for me to make the most of my life with dogs by my side. My inspiration comes from my own dogs, Lucy and Burt.

What was your proudest blogging moment of 2018?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one thing because I get excited on a weekly basis! But I would have to say one of the highlights was working with Stella & Chewy’s on a long term basis. I’ve been working with brands for two years now and this has been the most rewarding relationship so far. I love that they support causes I care about, like adopting senior pets, and give me the freedom to write about that.

I think long term brand partnerships are so much more beneficial than one-off posts. I hope to form more partnerships like that this year!

What was the biggest blogging challenge you faced in 2018, and how did you tackle it?

To be perfectly honest, one of the biggest challenges I faced last year was working with a site that hired me to write guest content for their blog. After I did hours and hours of work on a post for them I discovered that we didn’t see eye to eye on what constituted safe and reliable recommendations for dog friendly activities. Rather than lowering my standards, I walked away from the opportunity and ran the post on my own blog. Lesson learned, always stick to your values!

Which of your 2018 blog posts was your favorite and why? 

One of my favorite blog posts is this one that includes a video about the AquaPaw. I created it when I got home from the BlogPaws conference. One of the sessions there was with a writer for BuzzFeed and she shared how they put together their viral product review and video posts. I did my best to implement every tip and trick that she recommended and come up with a BuzzFeed style post. I had a lot of fun working on it and I really love how the video turned out. It didn’t go viral, but I’m very proud of it!

Which of your 2018 posts was most popular with your audience? Why do you think it does so well?

The post from last year that got the most traffic was my 2018 Dog-Friendly Pittsburgh Event Guide. I think it did really well for a few reasons. One, I kept updating it throughout the year so it was current and kept getting shared as new events popped up. Two, I met many new friends in the Pittsburgh dog community. And three, I think more people want to take their dogs to events with them! Of course, I created a new guide for 2019 and will be updating it throughout this year.

Did you implement a new practice on your blog in 2018 that you’re enjoying?

Yes! In the Fall of 2018 I hired a podcast producer. One of my favorite things about my business is the podcast. I love getting to talk face to face with dog mom-preneurs around the world. But editing it wasn’t as fun. Outsourcing has enabled me to spend more time finding awesome guests and it’s also made the show more consistent which has doubled my downloads! I just recorded episode #50 and have my goal set to interview 100 women in pet industry!

And how could I answer this without bringing up the Wear Wag Repeat Shop! That was a dream of mine and I pulled it off for an August 1st launch! The Shop carries handmade goodies from dog moms across the country. Many of the items are exclusive designs just for my shop and some feature original artwork. I’m looking forward to growing that even more this year!

9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

As the social media landscape changes, how are you promoting your blog posts and connecting with new readers?

I’ve been sharing my blog posts more consistently on Instagram stories. I find that I don’t get a ton of clicks on the link in my bio because it requires so many extra steps for a reader to get there. If they’re watching stories it’s just one swipe up to click on a link. I like to share photos from the post and record a video talking about it. I think that’s help to communicate to my large Instagram following that I’m not just a grammer… there’s a whole huge website full of dog mom lifestyle tips!

Looking forward to 2019, if you accomplish only one thing through your blog, what do you hope it is?

I have an idea for my 6th blogiversary this May that will tie into Dog Mom’s Day. I want to do a big free event for all the dogs of Pittsburgh! Whether it’s through the podcast, local events or blogging conferences one of the best parts of what I do is getting to connect with other dog lovers. So I hope this event will be a chance to everyone who’s interested to come together, fawn over our dogs and make some new friends.

What steps are you planning to take to ensure you reach your goal?

I’m getting my local dog mom squad involved. They’ve already agreed to help me plan and promote the event to make it a success. The next step is to look for sponsors (if you know anyone… just saying!)

Now it’s your turn, lovely! How can the pet blogging community help you? Is there an area where you could use some advice, or an aspect of your blog that you’d like input on? Share it here, and I’ll answer you in comments. You might even get a response from some of the other bloggers!

9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

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9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

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