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Over 8 years, I grew my own pet business from a hobby blog, to a following of over 40,000 people on Instagram, added a podcast and online shop. In that time, many people asked me how I grew my business online. In order to help as many people as possible, I created online courses and a membership program for petpreneurs and pupfluencers.

I love to share my business and marketing advice with anyone who will listen! Here are some press features where you can get a taste of my pet industry business advice.

Wear Wag Repeat in AKC Family Dog Magazine

AKC Family Dog Magazine

This article in the January/February 2021 edition of AKC Family Dog Magazine, I was able to share advice from my experience working as a pet influencer for several years.

Sass Magazine: Woman to Watch Tori Mistick

From Sass Magazine: “Tori Mistick, believe it or not, has made a living off of LOVING DOGS! Could there be a better job? (We don’t think so!) Her story starts organically, simply by documenting the life of her dog Lucy, from which she learned to find support and all she needed to live her life. Her passions have brought her to share her discoveries of success, so be sure to check out her podcast and online store if you are on a mission to create a business from sharing what you’re passionate about.”

Dog Edition Podcast: Dog Influencers | Sniffing Out Opportunity As A Petpreneur

This episode released on May 25, 2021 highlights my expertise alongside interviews with Susanne Nicholls, Loni Edwards and Kristin Morrison. “If you’re ready to embark on a new business venture, why not match your love of dogs with that great skill or that great idea? Do you bake? Maybe you could try making gourmet dog treats. Perhaps you can sew. Canine couture might be for you. Pet photographers, dog walkers, dog sitters, or being a social media pet influencer. There’s no end to ideas for pet businesses, especially since the boom in pandemic puppy adoptions.”

Dogish Podcast Episode 20: Pet’preneurs and Dog Influencers

In episode 20, released on May 20, 2021, Sylvia and Jasen sit down with fellow podcaster Tori Mistick discussing everything from pigs feet and ostrich necks to the heart-centered dog-centric community. Tori is an influencer, educator, podcaster and founder of the award-winning dog mom lifestyle brand Wear Wag Repeat. Her mission is to help women live their best life with dogs – as pet parents and petpreneurs!

Dingle Days Podcast: Instafamous Dog Account in 2021

In this episode released on March 24, 2021 Geryah Dingle interviews Tori Mistick about what it takes to be Instafamous in 2021 and pro tips to make Instagram-worthy dog content. With the influx of humans welcoming dogs into their homes during this pandemic and the recent changes to the Instagram algorithm, Tori discusses some of her thoughts on feed posts, stories, the Explore page, IGTV videos, and Reels. The interview also touches on some of Tori’s work as an influencer, educator, podcaster, and founder of the award-winning dog mom lifestyle brand Wear Wag Repeat and her passion for amplifying women’s voices in a way that embraces diversity; compassion, and a love of dogs!

The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast: Create an Engaged Community 7 BLogging for SEO with Pet Industry Expert Tori Mistick

Kerrie Fitzgerald had me on her podcast to discuss how to create a community for your business to nurture followers into buyers, the best tools to help with SEO and keyword research, why Pinterest is a must for driving traffic and other topics. “If you have a pet industry business, are a pet influencer, or want to start a pet-related business, then this episode will be for you.”

Jack Russel Parents Podcast: Instafamous Dogs with Petpreneur Tori Mistick

This episode published on June 7, 2021, “digs into the entertaining feeds of 3 great Instafamous dogs: @itsdougthepug, @manny_the_frenchie, and @marlierose_the_jrt. Then learn the secrets to growing your beautiful pup’s Instagram following from Wear Wag Repeat founder and social media expert Tori Mistick.”


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