How do you start the pet industry business of your dreams? What can you do to help pet parents to discover you? Can you juggle games of fetch with business growth? These are just some of the questions that I answer in weekly interviews with other women in the pet industry on my podcast.

Working with pets is a passion… and it’s also a $70 billion industry! On the Wear Wag Repeat podcast I cover social media tips, business growth hacks and inspirational stories to turn your passion for pets into a profitable business.

Of course, the highlights of each interview are the dog stories! Behind every woman in the pet industry is a really amazing dog! And sometimes a cat, ferret, bird, pig or horse! I love to hear about the pets who inspire my guests’ businesses, keep them motivated to bring home the bacon, and teach them to live in the moment.

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You can listen to every interview on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast on the show notes page for each episode. Access the podcast archives here.

But the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss an episode of this pet industry podcast is to subscribe to the show view your favorite podcast app! Find your favorite below.

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Prepreneur Reviews

Getting reviews for my show means so much to me! First of all, I do this all for you, so I like to know that you enjoy each episode. Secondly, reviews help my show get discovered by new listeners. So the more reviews we have, the more lives we can impact! If you listen on Apple Podcasts, please take a moment to rate and review the show.

Here’s a few recent reviews from Apple Podcasts:

Perfect podcast for pet owners & businesses!

As a pet owner and pet business owner, I love Tori’s podcast! Her guests are small businesses that don’t get the recognition afforded to the big names in the pet space. The episodes are incredibly informative, easy to listen to, and Tori is an excellent host. She’s relatable, the products and stories from her guests are interesting, and if you’re a business owner, the actionable items are achievable. I highly recommend listening!

Packed with lots of information & fun!

Tori is such a joy to listen to! She’s informative and fun and has a true passion for women in business and her dogs. If you want great tips and insights on how to practically start and actually RUN a pet business this is the podcast for you!

Always a joy

Tori is so passionate about dogs, women owned businesses, and everything that she does. Her energy is infectious and it’s hard not to smile when listening to her podcast. She engages her guests well and shares tips and products that make me a better dog mom. So lucky to be a part of the dog mom community in Pittsburgh with her!

Love this podcast!

I stumbled across this podcast as I was looking for inspiration and people starting businesses and blogs within the pet industry. Podcasts about these topics are hard to find — especially good ones! I’m thankful for Tori to bringing light to the other wonderful women in the pet industry. They really drop some gems and I recommend this podcast to any and everyone looking for great insight, tips, tools and tricks when currently working or looking to start work in the pet influencer, social media and online industry.

Spend Less Time Working, and More Time with Your Dog

The Wear Wag Repeat Resource Guide has over 160 apps, tools and resources recommended by my podcast guests that will help you run an efficient and successful pet industry business!

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Dog moms stick together! Email me all about an inspiring woman in the pet industry (maybe it’s you!). I conduct podcast interviews virtually, so I can talk to women anywhere in the world.

Send your pitch to tori [at] wearwagrepeat [dot] com with “Another Dog Mom For Your Podcast” in the subject line.

Don’t have someone in mind? Feel free to reach out with a topic you’re interested in learning about, and I’ll do the research to find the perfect guest to school us on it!

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