Pittsburgh Dog Mom’s Day Was A Big Hit!

Our Pittsburgh Dog Mom’s Day event was a big hit over the weekend! This was the first year that I planned a Dog Mom’s Day celebration to coincide with the anniversary of Wear Wag Repeat (which I celebrate every May). I can say for sure that this will not be the last year of this celebration! I already heard from so many dog moms who came out on Saturday that they can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Over 150 Dogs Attended Pittsburgh Dog Mom’s Day

On May 11, 2019, we had over 150 dogs come out with their people to Mellon Park in Shadyside. It was mostly dog moms but there were also guys there who brought their ladies and pups as a way to celebrate them. It was all just so sweet!

Among the dog moms in attendance were our host committee (shoutout to @dogsoftheburgh), volunteers, and of course, our sponsors who made the whole event possible. Thank you to Dogtopia of Pittsburgh for being the presenting sponsor this year! They have a new doggy daycare, boarding and spa located right up the street from where our event took place. We’re excited to have them so close by!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Instagrammable Doggy Photobooths

One of the main attractions of the event were three photobooths. Those were sponsored by Bakery Square, Petagogy and The Dog Stop. Thanks to their support we were able to make those photobooths really fun and Instagrammable! I was so happy to see people at the event just going for it and using all the props without any kind of direction.

It’s so exciting when an idea that I’ve had in my head for over a year actually comes to life and people LOVE it!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

If you have a chance, please check out the #PghDogMomsDay hashtag and the Mellon Park location tag on Instagram. The photos show the pure dog mom love we had going on. I know these photos are spreading our message of love all over the world!

Speaking of photos, all the images in this post are by Lyons Photography. Jennifer Lyons is also a dog mom and did an amazing job capturing the cuteness of this event! Looking through the 190 photos she sent me I found myself laughing, crying and smiling from ear to ear! I Hope they have the same effect on you.

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Soaking Up Dog Vibes in the Lounge

We also had a very cool lounge area complete with custom picnic blankets. Dog lovers got to hang out with Spruce Pup, Camp Bow Wow and certified canine massage therapist Flynne Wecht. I also saw some people set up their own blankets to relax on. The positive dog vibes were definitely flowing!

Steel City Dog Mom Shirts

A new item in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop made it’s debut at Dog Mom’s Day. I worked with a dog mom designer to create three new shirt designs. We were rocking the Steel City Dog Mom shirt on Saturday, and you can also pick up Urban Dog Mom or Small Town Dog Mom. Special for the event, I printed the design on two big soft blankets, which @zoey_may_the_dane enjoyed with her mama. I have a feeling those will be going to many dog friendly events with us this summer!

Click here to order a Steel City Dog Mom Shirt, available in black, grey and navy.

Zoey May the Dane Steel City Dog Mom Blanket Wear Wag Repeat

Doggy Food Truck

Yet another amazing thing on Saturday was our two food trucks. We had Curly Tail Coffee on hand with yummy coffee drinks. Every purchase from their truck supports animal rescue – so far they’ve raised over $10,000! We also had the Rollaway Dog Cafe which is a doggy food truck. Their special of the day was a sundae with goat’s milk ice cream and freeze-dried turkey on top. They had a line of dogs pretty much all afternoon and sold out of that sundae!

Donation Drive for Shelter Pups

This event was so full of love that it’s even overflowing to pets in need. We collected donations for Action for Animals Humane Society (that’s where I adopted Burt from). Attendees brought so much stuff it filled the picnic table! Thanks to the generosity of this community I’ll be taking 4+ Ikea bags full of supplies and a $150 cash donation to AFA later this week.

Dog Mom’s Day in the Press

Our Dog Mom’s Day celebration even got some local press coverage! Read this article in the Tribune-Review and this one in the Post-Gazette. I’m so excited that we got this kind of love and attention. Hopefully through events like this, and the media coverage they get, we can spread the word to more people about how awesome it is to be a dog mom!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Pittsburgh Dog Mom's Day Was A Big Hit!

Get Involved in More Pittsburgh Dog Events

If you’re a Pittsburgh dog mom and would like to become a part of this amazing community, there are a few things you can do:

Follow and use #dogsofpittsburgh on Instagram
Follow @dogsoftheburgh and @tmistick
Join the Pittsburgh Dogs of Instagram Facebook Page
Bookmark the Dog Friendly Pittsburgh Event Guide

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  1. Jessica

    Loved the photos and can’t decide which one I like more. Tori looks like a really fun day.

    • Tori

      I couldn’t narrow it down anymore! This was so fun!!

  2. Remy Bibaud

    Adorable congratulations on the first of many Dog Mom Days!

    • Tori

      Thank you so much Remy!


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