In this interview, Liza Fisher-Munroe of The POP Company shares her experience selling her dog-mom focused products at local markets and through her online store via Instagram. She’s passionate about supporting other women though cottage sewing programs and fabric makers on Etsy, and she shares why it’s important to have relationships with your suppliers.

Why You Need to Set Fun Goals for your Pet Business

Meet Liza Fisher-Munroe, she’s the POP Company’s CEO, creative director, designer, seamstress… heck, she does it all from her cozy workshop in Birch Harbor, Maine. Liza was born in Argentina, raised in New Hampshire, and spent quite a bit of time with her mother’s family in NYC – which sparked her passion for the arts. She dabbles in silversmithing, stained glass, knitting, photography, and design. But it was her sewing skills and business savvy that helped her build POP.

Liza’s Maltese and Yorkie mix, Harley, inspired her to create her original Purse of Pockets (aka POP). Harley is a therapy dog and the two often travel to visit hospitals and nursing homes. Liza was frustrated by juggling two bags along on every trip. She had the idea to create one bag that could hold it all. There’s pockets for everything including poop bags, treats, and car keys. Suddenly, Liza had a business on her hands!

Through POP, Liza supports other small, USA-based businesses and uses sustainably-produced organic waxed cotton canvas that makes her bags to last a lifetime. Ever the animal lover, Liza donates 1% of her profits to her local animal shelter.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Liza saw a need for her dog bags
  • Why Liza founded The POP Company instead of making a one-off product
  • Why and how she expanded into new bag styles
  • Sourcing organic and vegan materials


Where to Find Liza:


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