Podcast Episode 170: How to Start a Dog Bakery Business with Minyoung Morita

In this episode I’m talking to the founder of Dog Bakery Academy, Minyoung Morita. While launching and growing her own dog bakery business over 7 years, Minyoung saw the huge demand for healthy and fun bakery style dog treats. But there literally weren’t enough dog bakeries to supply the stores! So she had the idea to create an online course to teach others how to build their own dog bakery business. Her course covers everything from buying a domain to the rules and regulations broken down by each state.

Minyoung is so passionate about getting nutritious treats in the paws of dogs, that she also launched a pet parent recipe membership this year.

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About Minyoung Morita

Minyoung Morita is a dog bakery business owner turned digital product coach and educator.

She was the co-owner of Bobby and Bambi’s Dog Bakery. After 7 years of operating the business, she decided to pivot from a product based business to digital. Minyoung is passionate about helping future dog bakery business owners in her course, Dog Bakery Academy. She coaches and teaches members on how to build their own thriving and successful dog bakery business from the ground up, the right way.

Minyoung is also a dog mom and has been cooking and baking for her dogs for over 13 years! She recently launched a dog food and treat monthly membership for pet parents. She’s obsessed with dog nutrition and shares how she makes veterinary nutritionist-approved home-cooked meals as well as fun and nutritional dog treat recipes!

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What inspired Minyoung to start baking
  • How to balance the ingredients when homecooking your dog’s food
  • Why Minyoung turned baking into a business
  • Learning to let go of control to grow a business
  • Why Minyoung created the Dog Bakery Academy
  • Laws and regulations for shipping and selling goods in different states

Resources Mentioned:

Where to find Minyoung:



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  1. Tori

    Good information, could get more in depth of the process. Too much giggling, very novice sounding. Laughing is great, but not to the point of sounding like a teenager. Sorry, just a little distracting.

    • Tori Mistick

      If you want more in depth, enroll in Minyoung’s course. This is just a free podcast episode. And I like to giggle


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