Podcast Episode 218: Double Feature: Rescue Dogs and Repurposed Content

Today I have a special double feature episode featuring two interviews with two wonderful petpreneurs. The common theme for both of these interviews is repurposing!

First up… Dog trainer Ruth Hegarty shares her expertise around adoptable dogs and how to set them up for success in your life. In a sense, adopted dogs are kinda repurposed. When you rescue, you have the chance to give a dog a new life. There are a lot of diamonds in the rough out there!

Next, in part 2 of this double feature episode, Skarlet Rockwood talks about how to give new life to your content through repurposing. She explains the pawprint method of turning 1 piece of long form content into 30 things you can share to promote your pet industry business.


  • Why adoptable dogs need us to be advocates
  • Tips for setting an adopted dog up for success
  • Things to train rescue dogs to do
  • Advice for what to consider before adopting
  • How can pet professionals know what their audience wants
  • Why repurposed content is beneficial
  • Turning one piece of content into multiple pieces

Part 1: Setting Rescue Dogs Up for Success

Ruth Hegarty is the owner of Creature Good Dog Training. She believes that the secret to harmony between dog and guardian is communication. She focuses much of her work on fostering understanding and compassion between dogs and people and is passionate about helping adopted dogs live happily ever after.

Ruth has an MS in education and is certified in dog training, life coaching, dog bite safety and separation anxiety training. She was recently named a top dog trainer in Massachusetts. Ruth lives in Cambridge with her adopted dog Jake who is the inspiration for her dog training journey.


Part 2: How Repurposed Content Can Grow Your Pet Business

Skarlet Rockwood is a Content Marketer & Social Media Strategist for pet professionals with over 6 years of experience. She is the Owner of FUR Social and Founder of FUR Social Academy, where she teaches pet industry pros how to reach more pet parents online. She specializes in combining content marketing tactics with social distribution and audience growth to build profitable pet businesses that actually make a difference for pets and their people. When she’s not working she’s taking a break with her bunny Houdini.




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