Podcast Episode 243: The Anti-Fast Fashion of Dog Gear: Jane Lee of Wildebeest

If you spend time on social media, you’re probably bombarded with images of things you need, shopping haul videos, and this time of year, gift guides! A lot of those promotions are for things with all the latest bells and whistles and there’s always a new release dropping every Tuesday – or something like that.

It’s fast fashion and it’s coming for the pet industry! But not everything is built to last or designed with intention. I sometimes see dog products and think, “the person who made this has never met a dog!”

This is exactly why I’m excited to bring you a conversation with someone who really knows dogs and how to design products we really need for our lives together. Jane Lee from WildeBeest created a line of no-frills, functional everyday accessories. She’s pretty much the anti-fast fashion of dog gear. I’ve been using Wildebeest dog gear for a while now and I can see how much attention is put into the designs so there’s nothing unnecessary. Every tab, reflective strip or D-ring has a purpose!

Jane told me about how she finds inspiration, her design process and how she works with seasonal cycles to guide her creative process and productivity.

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Functional, Everyday Dog Gear that Lasts

Jane Lee is the founder and product designer at Wildebeest, a San Francisco-based indie brand that makes no-frills, functional, everyday gear for dogs and dog lovers. Jane is also dog mom to a 13 year old chihuahua-terrier rescue named Shelby.


  • How Jane saw a hole in the marketplace
  • When and why Jane decided to pivot away from her original product
  • Why a warranty is a big part of the Wildebeest business
  • How Jane balances wearing many hats in her business
  • How she uses seasonal cycles to work through her creative and productive energy flows



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