Podcast Episode 250: 5 Year Recap of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

I am so excited to celebrate hitting a major milestone of 250 episodes on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast! When I came up with the idea to do a podcast about women in the pet industry in the Summer of 2017 I has no idea I’d still be doing it 5 years later. If you’ve been a guest or a listener, thank you so much for making this possible!

To celebrate 250 episodes, I’m doing a special recap featuring 5 memorable interviews with women in the pet industry. I can’t say these are the best or my favorite, because I learn something from every single person I talk to. I hope you enjoy listening back and can find inspiration for the future of your business in the wise words you’re about to hear.

Before I play some of my favorite moments, I want to thank PetPocketbook for sponsoring the podcast this month. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 250 episodes than by partnering with a female-founded software that serves dog walkers and pet sitters. According to Pet Sitters International’s 2022 state of the industry survey, 91% of pet sitting business owners are women. If that’s you, check out PetPocketbook, an all-in-one software to run your business on the go.

The Best of 250 Episodes of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

Featured Clips from Interviews with Women in the Pet Industry

Why I love this: First up, a clip from the most downloaded episode ever. Julie Swan talked to me about pricing psychology and what she noticed when she changed pricing in her dog breeding program. This applies to all kinds of pet businesses including pet sitters, trainers, makers and influencers! Since doing this interview, I’ve been able to collaborate with Julie on a few other things. This podcast is more than just interviews, it’s a jumping off point for collaborations and friendships in the pet industry.

Why I love this: Next up, the 2nd most downloaded interview is with Hana Kim of @MyCanineLife. Although this conversation on Episode 69 is from 4 years ago and Instagram has changed a lot since then… Hana’s advice still rings true. Find out what the thing is that makes you uniquely you and lean into that!

Why I love this: Now we’re diving into one of my favorite interviews of all time! When I talked to Melissa Mitchner of the Bark Shoppe on Ep 127 I was struck by her enthusiasm and energy. It’s contagious! I recommend listening to the whole interview, but for today I chose a clip with Melissa talking about how she opened her grooming business in Harlem and what it was like for the first few years.

Why I love this: Next, I have a clip from episode 48 with Anne Carlson of Jiminy’s, the earliest episode picked for this recap. Thank you to Jessica Bay from Templates for Pet Pros for nominating this episode! I chose this clip from Anne because she’s talking about making a positive impact on the world addressing big issues like world hunger by making dog treats with crickets. It pays off to do things differently than the big corporate companies! Since talking with Anne 4 years ago, her brand Jiminy’s has expanded to offer treats and food using insect protein.

Why I love this: Finally, I couldn’t recap 5 years of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast without sharing Marika Meeks with you. I loved listening back to this interview on episode 95. Marika is such an inspiration for her entrepreneurial spirit and deep love for rescue dogs. She had the biggest heart and it was a joy to listen back and hear her voice. Sadly, 6 months after this interview Marika lost her battle with cancer in June 2020.

In this clip, she talks about timing and why you should never give up on your ideas. As you look back on what worked and what didn’t over the past few years, consider giving some of those ideas a second chance. Remember, it wasn’t a “no” just a “not yet”. 

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