Podcast Episode 267: Expert Insights on Online Dog Training with Caroline Wilkinson of Barket Place’s

In this episode, I’m talking with Caroline Wilkinson of Barket Place, an online dog training and pet coaching business based in the UK.

After several years working in person with clients, in 2018 Caroline began to offer online dog training courses to expand who she was able to reach. She noticed that online courses and training eliminated a lot of the stress that pets and their people experience when going to an in-person session.

Since then she’s expanded her online offerings to include a membership and webinar series with guest experts. Her courses cover everything from pet first aid to separation anxiety and puppy classes. I had to ask… and Caroline generously shared with me how she determines pricing for some of her courses and why she’s offering 5-pound special for an upcoming webinar. That’s around $6.25 for us Americans.

We also talked about how Caroline generates leads and interest in her membership and courses… the key is two free challenges per year. One is coming up on May 23rd if you want to check that out.

I hope this conversation inspires you and how you can grow your pet business online! If you’re wondering if an online course would be right for you, I have a quiz to help you find the answer! Go to wearwagrepeat.com/coursequiz to answer a few quick questions and see if an online course would be a good addition to your business.

Expert Tips for Creating a Successful Online Dog Training Course

As the Founder of the digital pet coaching service Barket Place, Caroline Wilkinson is passionate about improving connections between human and hound. Her focus is on relationships and reducing stress for canines living in a human world. She helps pet parents work through challenges they may be experiencing with their dog’s behavior so that they can get back to the important job of loving their dog.

Caroline is a Certified Animal Behaviourist, a Registered Training Instructor, a Certified Real Dog Yoga Practitioner and an Applied Canine Zoopharmacognosist.

In addition to these qualifications, Caroline also contributes as a writer for a number of trusted pet brands and presents workshops with a focus on living more mindfully alongside our canine companions. Lastly, she is also the co-host of the chart-topping podcast, ‘Supporting Both Ends of the Lead’.


  • How Caroline entered the pet industry
  • What it was like to transition from in-person to online training
  • Caroline’s most popular pet coaching program
  • How Caroline narrows in on her course pricing
  • The software behind Barket Place’s courses
  • How Caroline plans their marketing and promotions
  • Advice for being more mindful with our dogs


Where to find Caroline:



Have you ever considered making an online course? Maybe you already have a million ideas or this is a brand new thing to consider. Personally, my business totally changed when I started offering online courses.

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