Podcast Episode 320: From Blank Page to Engaging Email Sequences for Petpreneurs

Email marketing is a game-changer for petpreneurs! But when it comes to automated emails, many of us are stuck thinking that only means a welcome email sequence.

In this episode with copywriter Sara Gillis, we’re taking a look at two powerful types of email sequences you don’t want to neglect: nurture sequences and launch sequences.

These strategic messages can transform your email marketing, keeping your audience engaged at different stages of your pet business.

One common roadblock Sara and I talk about in this episode is the fear of annoying your list with too many emails. But let’s flip that script!

If you don’t reach out regularly, you’re essentially ghosting your subscribers. Consistent communication is key! And that’s where email sequences come in handy.

If you get stuck when it comes to actually writing emails for your business, Sara shares some great hacks to beat writer’s block and give your messaging a personal touch.

Speaking of personal touch, Sara has a fun Brand Voice Quiz to help you identify your unique brand voice and provide prompts for your email and social media content.

I took the quiz myself and discovered my brand voice is Charming and Joyful. What’s yours?

What Sara Said to Put in Your Petpreneur Email Sequences

As a copywriter at What Sara Said, copy coach, and host of the Copywriter On Call podcast, Sara Gillis helps female creative business owners, especially photographers, stand out through words.

After teaching writing for nearly a decade, Sara left education to help business owners show up authentically online by crafting website copy that’s word-magic for their ideal clients.

Sara shares practical advice to infuse creative businesses with storytelling and heart. She coaches her clients to do the work to show up confidently in business and be fearless in pursuing passions and communicating value.


  • The biggest hesitation with email marketing
  • How to find the email volume and schedule works for you
  • What types of automated email sequences are there?
  • Tips for nurturing your email audience
  • Advice for finding your brand voice



More Resources About Email Marketing for Pet Pros

As we wrap up our Q2 email marketing theme, I encourage you to revisit some of our past expert interviews.

If you’re a member of Wear Wag Repeat Society, don’t forget to explore our extensive resources on lead magnets, welcome sequences, and subscriber surveys.

Not a member? Get on the waitlist here! Dedicating these 3 months to email marketing has been so rewarding. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments below, via email or in the Wear Wag Repeat Labs Facebook Group.


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