Podcast Episode 323: What to Blog About to Drive Sales For Your Pet Business

Are you interested in blogging for your pet business to drive traffic to your website, but you don’t know what to write about? In this episode, I discuss a great blogging strategy with digital marketing expert Pamela Keniston of Big Paws Marketing.

You may have seen Pamela speaking at the Pet Summit, PIN Growth Summit, or a webinar with Kara Conway Love earlier this year. I’m excited to bring her expertise to Wear Wag Repeat!

We discuss blogging for your pet business, including:

  • The elements every blog post needs to make it search-friendly and user-friendly, 
  • How to determine the keywords your site already ranks for
  • Action steps to fill up your blogging content calendar for all of Q3.

Pamela also shared a great analogy about a filing cabinet that I’ll be using from now on!

Imagine the file cabinet as the product or service sales page you want people to visit and buy from. The drawers in the file cabinet are your pillar blog posts that cover everything about your product’s topic. Then the files in the drawers are all the supporting blog posts you’ll write, linking back to the main pillar post – its the big file drawer that directs people to the sales page.

This analogy made it clear how to structure your blog posts strategically to drive sales. I think it’s more clear when Pamela describes it! So listen to the interview!

This summer, we’re not going to blog aimlessly. We’re going to focus on a blogging strategy that drives sales. Pamela outlines it all in this interview.

Blogging for your pet business with Pamela Keniston Big Paws Marketing

Pamela Keniston Shares What Your Pet Business Should Blog About

Pamela Keniston is the Founder and CEO of Big Paws Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving the pet industry. Pamela and her team specialize in content marketing, including blogging and SEO web content, a topic Pamela spoke in depth about at the 2024 Pet Summit at Global Pet Expo.

Pamela lives in South Carolina with her husband and her dog, Zuzu.  


  • Using keyword research and creating pillar posts as the foundation for blog content.
  • The relevance of blogging for different types of pet businesses, particularly e-commerce.
  • Pamela uses the analogy of a file cabinet to explain the structure of a blog for driving sales.
  • Creating supporting blog posts for a main topic to engage pet owners.
  • Importance of concise calls to action and keyword-tied meta descriptions.



More Resources About Email Marketing for Pet Pros

As we get into our Q3 blogging and SEO theme, I encourage you to revisit some of our past expert interviews and be on the lookout for more to come!

If you’re a member of Wear Wag Repeat Society, don’t forget to explore our extensive resources on internal linking, keyword research, content calendar planning and more!

Not a member? Get on the waitlist here! Dedicating these 3 months to SEO and blogging will have your pet business prepared for a strong end of the year. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments below, via email or in the Wear Wag Repeat Labs Facebook Group.


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