Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Episode 33: Erin Mastopietro of Dope Dog discovered the benefits of CBD for her dog and decided to start a company to make CBD products easier for pet parents to find, understand and buy. We’ll talk about how to get started with a new business, and the advice that helped her shape the way she sets goals. Of course we’ll also cover common myths and misconceptions about hemp based CBD – if you’ve always been curious, then you’ll love this episode! If you are already sold on the concept and want to buy CBD products for your dog, then you can learn more here!


Erin Mastopietro is the founder of Dope Dog, an innovative pet company whose mission is to share the benefits of cannabis with the dog world. As a Los Angeles native, Erin has spent most of her life between Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Her favorite food is cheese and her drink of choice is red wine, hands down. Erin lives in West Hollywood with her boyfriend (and co-founder) and their two lovable pitbulls.

(00:00) Intro
(00:30) Introducing Erin Mastopietro of Dope Dog
(02:31) Learn what Dope Dog sells
(04:56) The uses for CBD oil for dogs
(07:30) Hemp products and epilepsy
(08:18) Biggest myths about cannabis for dogs
(10:54) How Erin and her boyfriend started Dope Dog
(12:55) Where Erin found retailers to carry their products
(14:23) Erin’s experience working in the packaged goods industry
(15:42) The best business advice along their journey
(17:31) Erin’s top business books suggestions
(19:32) How to stay focused in business
(20:55) Advice Erin would give herself early in business
(21:40) Get to know Erin’s two dogs
(23:46) How Erin is like her dog Zoe
(24:55) Where to find Dope Dog

Podcast Episode 33: Erin Mastopietro of Dope Dog

Tori: What is the best business advice you have been given by someone else?

Erin: As a first time business owner, I try to do a lot of research and meet as many mentors as I can, and read a lot of books. So I’m always taking in all this advice. The greatest advice I’ve gotten though is one size doesn’t fit all. It’s great to get advice and hear stories. But I would then ask myself, “Okay, what can I take from this? Does this apply to me now? Take everything with a grain of salt.

Tori: What’s the best book on business you’ve read?

Erin: Why Making Money is Killing Your Business by Chuck Blakeman. The book encourages you to stay at the high level strategies for what’s going to push you to make your money this year, without getting caught up in the tyranny of the urgent. Everyday you wake up, get you those emails that easily lead you down the rabbit hole of replying and taking care of all those little things. This book has helped me stay focused and prioritize my larger goals.

Tori: What piece of advice would you give yourself if you were starting your business now?

Erin: My advice would be just go and just do it. Just so you know, you’re going to make mistakes either way, but you’re not going to move forward if you don’t start working. That’s how you learn. Start now. Start yesterday. And don’t beat yourself up if you make a wrong turn along the way.




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