Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 37: Cory Turner of Dogly speaks on how her e-commerce pet store also serves as an online community of dog lovers and supports rescues across the country with every purchase. Learn how this mother daughter entrepreneur team finds vendors for their store and connects with experts to guide their customers. In turn, they’ve become experts themselves and they use that as their main social media content strategy.


Cory is the Co-Founder of Dogly.com which she started with her mom Jane and 4 rescue dogs Bozley, Ozzy, Zoe & Houzton. They started Dogly because they had this constant feeling of “am I making the right decision for my dog” always stressing over things like “is Bozley getting all the nutrients he needs?” “are these the right supplements for him?” “is he anxious?” – with all of the mixed messaging out there and seemingly endless amounts of products to choose from, trying to figure out what’s right for your dog can be completely overwhelming.

On Dogly.com you’ll only find people and products proven to improve your dog’s health and happiness. Dogly is a platform where you can shop from their highly vetted product selection of only the best products for your dog, benefit your chosen rescue with every purchase and get advice from the best pet nutritionists, holistic vets and trainers across the country.

Dogly’s goal is to support you like a friend who has your back, who can relate to your questions, and who truly only wants the best for your dog. Just like a Fairy DoglyMother on your shoulder always there if needed.

(00:00) Intro
(00:29) Introducing Cory Turner of Dogly
(03:06) What brands and products you can find on Dogly
(06:02) Why Cory decided to do an online store versus brick and mortar
(08:47) How Cory runs Dogly
(10:38) The breakdown of how their nonprofit charity component works
(13:15) Why working with rescues was important to Cory
(15:25) How do pet nutritionists, holistics vets, and trainers contribute to Dogly
(17:03) The top questions they get asked on Dogly
(20:11) What Cory’s favorite marketing tool is
(23:42) What it’s like for Cory to work with her mom
(27:45) Meet Cory + her mom’s dogs
(29:58) Where to find Cory + Dogly


Tori: What type of brands or products can we find on Dogly?

Cory: So everything is recommended through other people, whether it’s pet parents, trainers, holistic vets or local store owners. It’s all discovered through people who really know what they’re talking about and what people have been using and loving that product for awhile. There’s lots of brands that we’ll never carry just because there are things in them that we would never give our dogs. We’re super selective in the types of categories and products.

Tori: How do you find the products that you carry? Is it mostly wholesale, drop shipping or on consignment?

Cory: We operate on a dropship model. So the reason we do that is number one, we don’t need another wholesale ecommerce pet store. What we wanted to do is build a giving back model. So to do that, we just thought we would handle everything else – brand setup, marketing, social media, all that kind of stuff. All the brand will have to do is ship and we handle everything else. Our giveback model is every brand is required to donate back to the shelter of the customer’s choice. We set the donation minimum to be 1%, but most brands are donating around the 10% mark.

Tori: There’s a charitable component to Dogly. How do you support rescues?

Cory: So we started this a couple years ago and had about 10,000 shelters participating all across the country. From a content perspective, we were promoting the adopt don’t shop message everywhere. Now every shelter has its own page on Dogly. So customers don’t already have a shelter they want to support, they can do a little research and choose from there. It’s totally up to the customer.

Tori: Why was it important for you to create an online shop that’s different from other pet retailers?

Cory: There are lots of great shops in the pet world, but the hard part is finding all those little gems everywhere. So we wanted to be the thread of the best of the best. If we did a brick and mortar store, it would be harder to give back to the shelters with profit margins.

Tori: What are some of the most common pet wellness questions that you hear

Cory: Anxiety is a really big topic and CBD Oi> are constantly being broughorld. Whether they’re telling me to Read more about the topic or informing me of new discoveries. Situations, like being around fireworks and other loud noises or being transported in vehicles, are being brought up as stressful situations for many of our pets and it’s being suggested that cbd oil for dogs holds the key to relieving them of any potential anxiety that could be experienced as a result. My friends have told me to look into a product like or similar to quicksilver scientific cbd oil and give it a try. But… A lot of people are asking about allergies as well just because chicken seems to have become a big allergy for dogs. There is a lot of conversations about kibble versus raw or home-cooked – how to balance that because we don’t want to say one is right or wrong. If things are working for your dog, that’s great!

Tori: How do you and your mom split your time and energy in the business?

Cory: It’s funny when I tell people that my mom and I started a dog together because you can see people’s wheels turning. They are thinking about if they can work with their mom or start a business with her. I can’t imagine starting a company with somebody is. My mom does more on the creative side and I’m more on the business development side. We balance each other out really well.





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