Welcome to Podcast Episode 52:How to Monetize What You Know with Adina Silberstein of Queenie’s Pets LLC. Today’s episode is a little longer than usual, but it’s so worth it! I got a chance to talk to an entreprenur who’s grown a solo pet sitting and walking business into a full on empire! You’re going to be so inspired when you learn about her business philosophy. It’s all about being authentic. That approach allows you to sell without being pushy, build a strong company culture and provide tons of value to your community. We also talk about how to approach your business idols when you meet them in person and a few resources that she relies on to run and grow her pet industry business.

How to Monetize What You Know

Adina Silberstein is the Founder, President and CEO of award-winning, Northwest Philadelphia-based professional dog walking and pet sitting company, Queenie’s Pets ®.  She is an entrepreneur and business coach, specializing in processes, organization, boundary and goal setting, company culture and profitability. Adina is committed to urban communities, force-free practices, empowering others, and ongoing professional and personal development helping others to thrive and succeed.

She’s proud to sit on the Philadelphia Animal Advisory Committee, advising Philadelphia City Council and the city’s Mayor on the governance of wild and domesticated animals in the city. A graduate of American University as well as the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, Adina continues to provide ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial advice. She’s also a writer for national & local pet-related blogs.

Queenie’s Pets® storefront operates as a boutique retail space, administrative office, and as a community center for pet owners.  They offer a resource library, workshop and lecture series, and sell only unique and enriching products that Make the Lives of Pets and Their Humans Better™.

Adina lives in Philadelphia with her soon-to-be husband and their crew of rescues: a “Rottie-Scottie” named MeloDrama, and four – yes, four – cats: Mouse, Zizzy, Brucie Marbles and Snacks.

(00:00) Intro
(02:45) Introducing Adina Silberstein of Queenie’s Pets LLC
(03:25) The backstory of Queenie’s Pets LLC
(09:11) What the Queenie’s Pets facility holds
(14:14) How Queenie’s Pets monetizes their education platform
(20:37) How Adina has grown as leader
(26:49) Who Adina admires in the pet industry
(29:04) Adina’s approach to meeting big named industry leaders
(33:10) Favorite tools and resources
(38:05) Where to find Adina Silberstein


TORI: How have you changed as a business owner and leader over time?

Adina: I think that I went from just thinking, “Oh gosh, can I do this…” to knowing that I’m doing it like a boss. I valued the ongoing education, learning, growing, adapting, changing – all of that is huge. And when I first started the business, I was terrified of the business part of it. I was terrified of sales or marketing and systems. And now that’s my area of expertise because I’m constantly taking classes or I’m in different growth programs. It doesn’t matter. I’m just always committed to if you’re not growing, you’re dying. And so I need to be learning and experiencing new things always.

TORI: Whom in the industry would you most like to meet/who inspires you the most?

Adina: My dream is to connect with Dr Marty Becker because what he has done for the forestry veterinary movement is unbelievable. Dr Sophia Yen was just an amazing, amazing woman. And I’m constantly still on her website. Dr. Karen Becker s well as Patricia McConnell – they are just real and credible leaders. Also, Sarah Blakely – I heard her speak. She’s the founder and owner of Spanx and I love her. She’s amazing.

TORI: How long have you had Queenie’s Pets and how did you get into that business?

Adina: I started Queenie’s in 2006 and before, I was in the service industry as well as a teacher. I just realized that I always wanted to work with animals, but I didn’t want to be a veterinarian. I didn’t want to deal with blood or death. It took me awhile to figure out that this was actually a viable career. And when I took the leap and just jumped in, it worked miraculously. I started walking dogs in my area and it was a side gig from moving around a little bit. So when I came back to my hometown, people naturally just asked me if I could walk their dogs again. That was 19 years ago.

TORI: What resources are your go-to’s?

Adina: First and foremost is the book Traction by Gino Wickman. That is the foundation for setting up EOS or the Entrepreneurial Operating System. So EOS s a business tool that helps you see your business in it’s full capacity from an operational perspective. And for anyone out there suffering or not knowing how to create systems, run, walk and get Traction. I think other tools, things like using Slack to communicate with your team. My office switched over to voiceover internet protocol. So we have Ring Central, which is a system where we can organize all of our communication systems into one place.





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