Podcast Episode 6: Megan Sutherland of Pictory Productions

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 6: Megan Sutherland of Pictory Productions explains how you can be inspired by you dog’s ability to live in the moment to prioritize your work-life balance. Learn what a puppy proposal package is (you’re going to want to forward this to your guy!). You’ll also get some tips on having your dog at your wedding.

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Megan Sutherland is a videographer that loves to film weddings and creative brands. Wedding videos are always beautiful so if you’re having one soon then check out someone like The Perfect Wedding Video to get a professional one. She lives in downtown Pittsburgh with her husband and French Bulldog, Harold.

Tori: How did Harold change the way you work and live?

Megan: We got Harold the same year I started my business. It was stressful and chaotic (pad-training a puppy while working from home.) But having Harold around showed me and my husband the importance of curating our work and lives around being together. We realized we wanted to structure our lives around how they made us feel, rather than spending so much time and energy on our possessions.

Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Megan Sutherland Pictory Productions

Tori: What are some books that helped you learn to live in the moment?

Megan: The number one book I recommend is Marie’s Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Brent and I did the whole system, and it was intense! I also love Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

Tori: As a wedding videographer, do you have any tips for having your dog at your wedding?

Megan: Have somebody who is on dog-duty. They need a baby sitter! Don’t make it a bridesmaid. Ask someone who doesn’t have other duties at the wedding. There’s so much going on, and you need someone to watch the dog the whole time to make suer they get fed, water and walks throughout the night. Also, if you have a flower crown or another accessory, don’t put it on until right before photos!

Megan Sutherland Lives a Dog Inspired Life


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P.S. The awesome photos of Megan, Brent and Harold in this post were taken by Milla Chappell, my guest on Episode 1!


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